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NSA bugged UN headquarters - report

25.08.2013 12:10

The US National Security Agency (NSA) successfully cracked the encryption code protecting the United Nations’ internal videoconferencing system, according to documents seen by Germany’s Der Spiegel.

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Jane March 25.10.2013 09:14

@ J Paul Zoccali

Oh, John junior's net worth was way north of several million dollars. The PNAC zionists and their goyim eunichs knew they needed to take out American patriot John Kennedy Jr. before they off-ed the towers and turned America into one big Palestinian concentration camp. Imagine a strong-willed and independent John Kennedy Jr in the White House instead of a Rothschild zionist bankster shill.

Give Me Control Of A Nation's Money And I Care Not Who Makes The Laws. - Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild


Don McCoy 27.08.2013 15:49

You're right, Russian SHOULD be moved out of the USA...we don't need to continue to host the Anti-United States League! Good riddance to BAD rubbish. Just ONE of the perks will be that we won't have to play host to our enemies anymore. We can keep that trash out of our country.


Buck Rgne 26.08.2013 23:27

Well If they bugging them they shouldn't have to send any messages just "Yell" real loud....


КЕВИН БОФФ 26.08.2013 22:18

It should be moved to where all the rest of it is in Geneva not the USA !


J. Paul Zoccali 26.08.2013 14:53

The revelations thus far about NSA tactics and invasion of privacy are a joke compared to what federal authorities actually do. Destruction of privacy goes far beyond anything that has been reported. P.S. Sometimes a person is set up for such things because he is the son of an American icon, such as Jackie Onassis, and stands to inherit several millions dollars.


Kurtis 26.08.2013 14:21

Sounds like someone (NSA) is having a really hard time understanding the concept of boundaries...


Ron Bockman 26.08.2013 13:12

makes perfect sense, if you don't bomb the UN at least bug them


Brother Slav 26.08.2013 10:11

I am speachless... I have never seen people so self-centered in my entire life.


Sonya Jones 26.08.2013 07:31

I would love to see the UN kicked out of the USA.
They can take their NWO agenda with them.
The average American US citizen is not the real evil.
It is the money people behind the scenes, the ones that want to control the world.
Most of them probably have their money in Switzerland, anyway.


Zeitgeisttt 26.08.2013 00:43

This is not spying...this is global information for world domination....


Neil 26.08.2013 00:12

It's time to move the UN to Switzerland.

The US has lost it's right to host that organisation.

Who would have thought that the US was the real evil in the world?


LisaAgnes 25.08.2013 22:06

I think you are right, that our environment does determine to a degree how our brains develop and what capabilities are developed or not developed. Mostly everybody in the west ignores this, and it is all drive by whatever makes the most money for those who are looking to make the most money. I think this is worrisome and very sad. What are we being turned into?


LisaAgnes 25.08.2013 22:01

@Anthony David - I stopped - for the most part, but not completely - watching television, movies, and listening to recorded music around 1999, 2000 or so. Like you talk about, I started to feel like I was being programmed by it - whether someone intended to do that or not.


Right Speak 25.08.2013 21:52

"NSA bugged UN headquarters"

Even a broken clock is correct twice-a-day.


Keith Bosthen 25.08.2013 21:52

NSA spying on me? I'm spying on NSA, heh. I love internet.


Billy Kenney 25.08.2013 20:44

If you were to take a public opinion poll in the USA
today I bet more then 50% would like to see the UN
pull completely out of the USA. Repeated legislation,
and NYC debates, over the years have hinted to the
UN to pack up its bags and get out.

Maybe if the UN is not happy with being spied on
they should move to maybe, Cuba????? How about
North Korea? How about Egypt? Maybe Greece would
be a good place? I bet if you put a vote in the
American House of Representatives you could get
a Bill through that would fully fund the costs
of the UN moving out of the USA.

Don't let the door hit you in the rear as your


Commander 25.08.2013 18:25

Nations spying on one another is really nothing new, but I really do think they are getting better at it. In fact, the modern computer age in which we live might be making espionage a little easier.


Dictators Handbook 25.08.2013 18:13

Go Google Dictator's Handbook and you'll agree this stuff is standard practice, not extraordinary.


Anthony David 25.08.2013 17:43

We can see that shows such as 24 and movies such as Enemy of the State are only two examples of ways that movies make condoning the actions of haneious disregard of sheeple/people's charters/bills of rights/law/treaties are excitedly broken.

The music and rythems that these "programming&qu ot; deploy with the facial experience mirroring your receptivity to the "program"

We can find the reason why the world has aloud the most cruel actions to unfold while other profit.
The nature of creation is that it was made from a point that came before our arrival and we being now develop the next point of arrival.

So me control us.

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