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'F**k the EU': Snr US State Dept. official caught in alleged phone chat on Ukraine

06.02.2014 19:59

A senior US State Department official has allegedly been caught giving an unexpected message to the EU while discussing Ukrainian opposition leaders’ roles in the country’s future government. The phone call was taped and posted on YouTube.

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mergon 11.06.2014 08:52

See this what i mean when i say recording every bodies phone calls does not always pay , someone went to the trouble of picking that call out and then releasing it to the press , if it was me on the end of that one i would looking into the NSA and start asking who released it and why !But then they are going to say they were hacked !


Suyanto Ng 09.05.2014 05:57

"Meanwhile, White House spokesman Jay Carney alleged that the fact that it had been "tweeted out by the Russian government, it says something about Russia's role.”

Th is one was hilarious id1ot, he try to "cover-up" truth with more lies. Please, there's limit for Russia to tolerate for this all BS blaming games.


Denis Viktorovich 22.03.2014 03:19

Алексей Чай-Мин-Сан 12.03.2014 21:14

We industrial regions, Russia will not abandon this fat piece and not to lose us.


Russia will not forget where its roots are taking their beginning. Kiev's Rus. Mother Russia does not forget its children.

The new low in US political games, while Russia is offering diplomatic solutions. Kind of reminds of a sober Russkiy who keeps helping a big, fat, drunk fella not to fall too often face down. All in vain as it seems. Because fella is becoming more and more violent.

Cut off the booze, Nuland!


ABDELKADER 21.03.2014 08:27

Absolutely disgusting!


Алексей Чай-Мин-Сан 12.03.2014 21:14

We industrial regions, while the EU requires (Read Association) destroy industry. Russia will not abandon this fat piece and not to lose us. But we are not citizens, we have no right to vote. Western Ukraine lives on subsidies and believes that the EU is going to feed them.


Алексей Чай-Мин-Сан 12.03.2014 21:13

I Am From Donetsk. Live in Eastern Ukraine. Immediately apologize for the errors. Already a week sites as Ukrainian news you can not talk about illegal actions of the demonstrators! I already many news sites have thrown away. The East wants to live in peace. The West says that we are not citizens and are not entitled to vote! We (Eastern Ukraine) will not join the EU.


Mark Smilie 07.03.2014 11:50

It appears to me that the comment by Liam O'Sruitheain epitomises the tragic, irrational effect of the ludicrous brainwashing that the 'Western powers' have so judiciously instigated and employed on the populous throughout recent history?!


Liam O'Sruitheain 06.03.2014 02:41

The new government of Ukraine a "Puppet Government?" Oh, Please!
Does anyone seriously believe that the ousted Yanukovych is not a puppet of Vladimir Putin?

Yanukovych was, and is, a corrupt pig.


Gavin De La Ledge 01.03.2014 17:03

This is disgusting , anyone who loves freedom should be shocked and appalled by the actions of the US and EU. Many people have died so that they can install a puppet government whose primary aim will no doubt be to antagonise Russia / Putin.


Hector Fredes 28.02.2014 03:02

this is outrageous! US diplomats deciding who is going to govern a sovereign nation. Is the same happening in Venezuela?

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