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Obama ‘disappointed’ with Snowden asylum, says no domestic spying program in US

07.08.2013 05:35

Barack Obama made his first comments on Snowden asylum, saying he was "disappointed" that Moscow had given the leaker temporary refuge. The US President also touched on ‘gay propaganda’ laws in Russia during The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

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funkytowel 08.09.2013 00:19

I'm real glad that Russia gave asylum to Snowdon so that my government cannot get their hands on him. One American, saying "thank God for Russia".


Hector Franceschini 16.08.2013 14:09

as if you rule the world, you must be crazy. You are never getting him back so you can put him in a rat hole to feed him bread & water & threaten him. 18K english comments that mean nothing, you didn't even have the power to get him from China. Now you dug your-self a deeper hole in South America, Cuba & Korea. You can add every politician together in the US & it meant ZERO. I think you need to get your head checked. Its impossible because you mean nothing.


Matthew Saunders 09.08.2013 19:20

Obama is blatantly trying to distract us from the Snowden issue by bringing up the polarising issue of sexuality rights in a typical divide and conquer move. What about FREEDOM OF SPEECH OBAMA?!


Michelle Steward 08.08.2013 14:18

thank you, Russia for standing up against my bullying government to protect one of us...i sure hope the body of american citizenry is happy with "CHANGE" they wanted!!!


fran7 08.08.2013 13:20

If Obama,s government behaved in a benign way and showed respect for Human Rights we would not be plagued with NSA and PRISM which are an attack on the free World. I am very disappointed in Obama for his lack of integrity ( I will close GITMO ) and his hypocritical interventionist policies ( I will supply arms to cannibal rebels and create anarchy in Syria ). The USA should look to its own constitution and concentrate on internal affairs such as Bankruptcy of Detroit before sending BILLIONS of dollars to Israel etc.


E J 08.08.2013 10:32

For someone to say that President Obama knows what "cold war mentality" means, it shows "Ignorance is Bliss" and speaks volumes about a person(s) integrity , but what can I say about people who don't respect President Obama by calling him Mr. Obama and sometimes they just call him Obama. I'm glad you're a judge to make comments, it appears you're smarter than a 5th grader, and don't forget who got the United States in this mess!
You decide who put the US in a recession; White America, or Black America
And I reiterate, Ignorance is Bliss


Lion 08.08.2013 08:01

I wonder if Obama knows what "cold war mentality" means. Seems that his IQ and political understanding is pretty limited. Would recommend some literature to increase his hoizont before making comments on issue he is not familiar with.


Lord Anonymous 08.08.2013 07:40

Protect children that's to protect Human Right too. What's worse than NSA, Mr. Obama?


Alex 08.08.2013 07:29

Terroris threat means America and Israel period.


Earl 08.08.2013 05:42

Obama with his Harvard degree just proves education can't buy common sense.


karenj 08.08.2013 05:37

terrorist threat could mean anyone....chew your poptart into the shape of gun....potential terrorist...I better get my boots on...its gettin deep


karenj 08.08.2013 04:08

and while we're in the business of robbing you blind....we thought we'd throw in some racial and gender stuff ...just to sidetrack your less informed .


breakbeats 08.08.2013 02:14

There are far more pressing issues at hand than whistle blowers, I dunno who is more irresponsible, The US with its indecision on Guantanamo, or Russia with its anti LGBT laws, and they call themselves leaders?


Mr. Dennis B. Zwolle 07.08.2013 21:41

Remember, people are too infatuated with "OZ", the Great wizard of OZ is going to give me a "BRAIN"! We need to forget that, look behind the curtain and find the perpetrators of this REALITY! Politicians when found in a precarious position tend to run to MEDIA, which endows them with a Obeisance of DUTY! Anyway, Good For OBAMA and Good for JAY! When Government lies to the very people they are sworn to protect, loose the respect and trust of those who they represent! Gone is that trust! A very funny thing comes to mind: Clinton years when he said, those who are playing by the RULES!


John Clark 07.08.2013 21:09

These Multinational Corporations ‘that control our Politicians’ Orchestrate Chaos in one area for Profit, then Orchestrate a response in the same area, ‘PLAYING BOTHSIDES, as a good HEDGE FUND MANAGER should do’ all at the AMERICAN TAX PAYERS EXPENSE, while they keep 100% of the PROFIT. It’s No wonder we are BROKE.
The AMERICAN TAX PAYER IS BEING SCAMMED AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL. And the World Wonders Why there is a lack of trust in our Political Process, Well! Here is one example as to why.

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