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Obama stops NSA spying on IMF, World Bank headquarters - report

31.10.2013 23:42

US President Barack Obama has called on the National Security Agency to halt spying on the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in conjunction with a review of surveillance activities, Reuters reported.

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SSD7 29.11.2013 16:28

The World Bank needs to be spied upon! It is responsible for stealing from underdeveloped countries by charging them interest payments they cannot pay. These poor countries are left with the choice of being bombed if they don't pay, or they have to give up their resources to the USA.


Dennis Reese 12.11.2013 05:32

nsa spies on everybody but not IMF, or UN? SERIOUSLY?


Joshua 04.11.2013 15:25

World Bank ? .. .. . .

um... we call it the... World Bank ?


Paul 04.11.2013 06:22

Look at that picture. Hiding behind your idols of silver and gold with no fear of your God in your hearts. You have turned from your creator and worship your selves. Penance penance penance


Alan Borky 02.11.2013 23:10

Unfortunately that just means the UK'll be doin' for 'em.

But they're all at it.

Any day now Merkel'll be exclaiming "Mein Gott I was not having realised the Barack Obama we spy on was THAT Barack Obama!"

Even if Snowden's genuine there'll still be those using him as an excuse to plow even greater amounts o' dough into even more arcane research and even more surveillance.

Put it this way it wouldn't surprise me in the least if Snowden gets offered a Russian based directorship of this new news corp Greenwald Poitras an' Scahill're settin' up especially if he decides their main collateral's his rep and his info.


Roland Lawrence 01.11.2013 17:15

Oh well if Obama says they are going to stop spying then they are. Surely the intelligence services and the government wouldn't lie to us?


SuchN3SS 01.11.2013 14:47

Another articulation of the problem of which they are nearly endless. For solutions learn about the United Front Against Austerity, UFAA!!!


mohammed abdul 01.11.2013 14:15

OMG is this true they were spying on IMF & World Bank...... god save the world from America


groingo 01.11.2013 14:04

And as we have all seen, Obama is the master of Mis-Direction, if you beleive anything this clown says I have some Lakefront Property I'd like to sell you in the Sahara!


Peter Jennings 01.11.2013 13:56

Take a good look at the people in the photograph. You will not see a more useless, arrogant band of inbred idiots and elitists anywhere.

It is time to move the UN, IMF and the world bank out of america.


Jan Personne 01.11.2013 11:45

Telling them is one thing. Them actually doing it is another matter entirely. Should of also stated that it would be permanent.


Lee Schuler 01.11.2013 11:43

Mark Roman 01.11.2013 11:15

@Mark Toth what about President Obama? Is he part of the problem?


obama IS the problem!

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