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Obama stops NSA spying on IMF, World Bank headquarters - report

31.10.2013 23:42

US President Barack Obama has called on the National Security Agency to halt spying on the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in conjunction with a review of surveillance activities, Reuters reported.

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Mike Littlefield 01.11.2013 00:54

Like the drunk who says "I promise this is the last time."


Delete This Comment 01.11.2013 00:32

Why would they care? The USA runs both agencies anyways.


Z Aquarius 01.11.2013 00:27

If you add an "L" you can get "MILF".


Z Aquarius 01.11.2013 00:25

Whoopy doo ....
Can I go home now?


Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez 01.11.2013 00:18

They are agents and not consultants. Indians are infiltrating in american companies through americans, having american names (change of name), using american consultant references without permission, telling lies to american clients to replace the american consultants, using data bases to control IT consultants, using fake documents like IT or educative documents among others. They are acting like spies all the time


Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez 01.11.2013 00:18

Americans allow offshore, outsourcing for third countries, and today all the world is messing with american IT when the main one the indian IT is really the most fraudulent of all the times. It is a world crime. Stop alliens who are part of secret groups to have our money and kill us if they have the chance. Indians working with CIA to use IT against citizens. Doing fiscal and accounting frauds all the time.


Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez 01.11.2013 00:17

Indians spies are doing laundering money for Capos using 100 Fortune Companies through the international bank system Move your mafias from Mexico, we are not a bridge for indian and chinese mafias. There is going to be a war, Move your mafias from Mexico, we are not a bridge for indian and chinese mafias. There is going to be a war, Go away indian and chinese mafias from Mexico,


Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez 01.11.2013 00:17

They are using Mexico ad a bridge they hire people with no working visas to work in the States, indians and mexicans to work illegaly in the States, they have done that for years.


Frank Intessimoni 01.11.2013 00:15

The thing that jumps out at me is the reference to stop spying on the "headquarters&q uot;, not the "members" of the IMF or World Bank.


Dr Bob 01.11.2013 00:04

Obama has called on the NSA to stop spyin g on the IMF and the World Bank. I thought he was the president and gave an excutive order, apparently he has to ask AIPAC and Goldman Sachs first!

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