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Mount Elbrus reconquered: Olympic Flame reaches Europe's highest point (PHOTOS)

01.02.2014 08:05

With the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi just round the corner, the Olympic Flame has been lit at the summit of the highest point in Europe, Mount Elbrus, which lies in the Greater Caucasus mountain range.

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Tooba Luba 09.02.2014 11:27

T he Alborz mountains and Mount Elbrus are in two entirely different regions (and countries).

Most would say Mont Blanc is the highest peak in Europe. Europe is a culture, not a distinct land mass. The peoples who live at the base of Mount Elbrus do not call themselves Europeans nor do we refer to them as such.


Red_Shiraz 01.02.2014 22:02

Please Russian neigbors,stop teasing Iranians we have already accepted the set back gracefully since the day Russia conquered it in 1817,so don't rob it in.Good luck in Sochi.By the way the correct name is Alborz not Elburz "unless you suffer from speech impediment".


Yehoshua Barukh 01.02.2014 19:17

So the pagan games with its history logged in Roman Greco history is going strong for all the brain washed sheeple to follow. Pity they didn't spend some time studying what these games represent not only historically but today. They're a shameless waste of money and promote the evil in which the game originated.


Aryan 01.02.2014 15:56

Dear RT,slight correction about mount Elburz and her highest peak which is in Damavand known as Elburz summit,few Km up the road from Tehran,thats where the torch should have reached by Iranian mountaineers as token of Olympic sporty gesture.


Mark 01.02.2014 14:06

Please cut out the most annoying background music and replace it with calming music! Yes Mount Elbrus! The symbolic reference of hoisting the Olympic flame on the summit of Mount Elbrus is hard to miss! I am waiting for the opening show! It is will be a triumph of Russia's culture and history! Please show Great culture and history of Russia to the rest of the world.

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