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OSCE monitors visit Slavyansk, expected to submit report

13.04.2014 17:44

OSCE monitors have visited the besieged city of Slavyansk in eastern Ukraine, where Kiev announced an “anti-terrorist operation” against pro-federalization protesters, “to collect information” as the situation is feared to turn violent.

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Svetlana 17.04.2014 05:39

I am hoping that this game of thrones in Ukraine will not bring to millitary intervention, and people will not be slaughtered. Sending millitary against own people is not is not a solution.


Svetlana 17.04.2014 05:34

Last thing. Do uoy guys remember that Ukraine had pro Western government befor Yanukovich. Or you all forgot about this fact. Did people lived better at that time? NO, level of living was going down because the same wealthy were stealing more and more. Government was corrupt as much as it was corrupt before or after. Just different government. Different faces. The same as this new governement is already corrupted. Remember, they have to pay their debt, so they will have to dance under their master's fife.


Svetlana 17.04.2014 05:28

Yulia Timoshenko, Poroshenko and all other millioneers and billioneers who say that the care about Ukraine so much should pull half of the money they have and start building Ukrainian Economy back. Do I understand it right? yes, if I care so much, I will pay. Plus, they stole these money from Ukranian people anyway. Ohh, no, we do not want to pay.


Svetlana 17.04.2014 05:23

Also, new Ukrainian government put THEIR governers in Eastern and central Ukraine, who somehow were billioneres. Haha, did this new government said they will fight corruption? So, why did they put billioners to the power? To pay their debt. Yes, debt that new ukrainian government owns to these billionears for the revolution.


Svetlana 17.04.2014 05:18

The most protesters in Kiev and protesters in Easter Ukraine want the same: to live well. However, this new Ukrainian government is not clean at all. They came to the power using ultra right organizations who were screaming: kill all Russians. Idiots. It's the same as to scream here in the US: kill all hispanics. Of cource russian population got up.


Svetlana 17.04.2014 05:13

When Ukraine split from USSR in 90's, it was the richest state of the USSR. Now, one of the poorest. Is it Russia's fault? Yes, it's easier to blame some one than take responsobilities.


Svetlana 17.04.2014 05:09

We, americans, should think about our problems first. Our government should think about own people first. WE chose the government, not government chose us.


Svetlana 17.04.2014 05:08

USA will be owned by China soon, if US government will not cut their spendings. Yes, I am saying their spending, not American people's spendings. This Ukrainian revolution already costed us, taxpayers, 5 bill-n dollars. We all are paying for it. People, turn your brain on!! you and I are paying for it. Do we not have our own problems here in the US?? We have Veterans and young adults shooting civilians and kids at school. Education: there are 40 students in a classroom in public schools. Children do not have PE any more because school districts are cutting costs.


Svetlana 17.04.2014 04:59

Protesters in Kiev thought that if they throw Yanukovich as US wanted, USA and EU will throw a lot of money back. I am not sure why these people do not understand that times when USA was hanging money easily are over. USA in larger debt than Russia because Russia finaly has a smart leader. Who understand that if you have debt you depend from it. Russia has natural resources. RUssia already paid all USSR debt and way ahead on paying back on debts that Russia took in 90's.


Svetlana 17.04.2014 04:42

You all are talking about Russia, USA, EU. How many wars Russia or USA had. Dit it cross your mind to talk about Ukraine??? Ukraine is on the border of a civil war. Ukrainians will be killing Ukrainians. Do you realy think Ukrainians from the West part or from the East part of Ukraine want this war? Think people. Normal people do not want war. Especially civil war. Rich and wealthy want war because they can steal more. Yanukovich and his millioneres were kicked out by other millioneres. And, these other millioneres used ultra right organizations to get to the power. It's all very simple.


SamOne 15.04.2014 13:20

Get these OSCE monitors out of there they are most if not all carefully chosen for that mission and are most from former East European country's not vary freandly with Russia.

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