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Israeli-Palestinian peace talks meeting to be called off over protest deaths?

26.08.2013 08:23

Scheduled peace talks with Israel will not go ahead, Palestinian officials said after IDF officers shot dead 3 Palestinians in a border clash. But now the US states the negotiations have not yet been cancelled.

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Erol Ferhad 22.09.2013 01:30

You can write all you want ,say all you need . these piece of Israel pigs and dogs are not going to stop with there war crimes until someone buy force stops them .


balance 27.08.2013 01:04

Israel as always is gaining time to expand the settlements and place the Palestinians on the corner without anything to negotiate.


J B 26.08.2013 20:24

I can not believe the article is using the word "terorist" instead of his name.People should boycott these kinds of news agencies.They are all working on behalf of the zionist entity than simply reporting news. Palestinians are in their land and the zionists are the terorists.People should be aware about these brain washers who twists facts to serve the rodent zionist occupier entity.


Sharon Storm 26.08.2013 18:36

why waste time talking to the israeli gov't? they have never honored a single treaty or agreement or ceasefire. save your breath and prepare your defenses. ally with honorable nations instead.


Coup DeGrace 26.08.2013 12:07

I think it is definitely, it will give NATO war!!
So take a look to german greatest TV-news Chanel online ntv. London is in meeting, Merkel is howling,she wanst to be the first. NATO is in training soon, near Russia, and nobody wanna see some proofs. The world is on fire because psychopaths with which you can not talk. How many civilians have died in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya? And you can not accuse these politicians? Should a war against NATO be the solution? No!!!, public media has to talk true & clear now about police states and transnational governance of some profiteers.


Johnny Kent 26.08.2013 11:43

Thats that then. No doubt Kerry will still say he's 'optimistic' about peace talks? They were never going to last. Israel does not want peace.

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