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50 dead as passenger jet crashes in central Russia (PHOTOS,VIDEO)

17.11.2013 15:57

Fifty people died after a Boeing passenger plane crashed on landing in the city of Kazan in central Russia on Sunday, according to the Emergencies Ministry. A doctor working at the scene said that only ashes and rubble were left from the plane.

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David Legeros 05.12.2013 15:19

If the US Air Force can get that far into Russia, what does that say about the world's biggest air force? Probably a mechanical or procedural error, or even a loss of control caused by either. It can happen to anyone, not just in Russia.


Arthur Richard Francis 23.11.2013 18:11

Having worked in air-space control projects and avionics systems, I suggest we need to seriously review safety precautions because of the increasing volume of flights, and possibility of technical malfunction of ageing aircraft including technological obsolescence, notwithstanding pilot error and adverse weather conditions. Nevertheless, flying by air has lower probability of accident or death than driving on many public roads. Heart-felt condolences to family and friends.


Natasha Sharkunov 20.11.2013 20:53

There is no secret that flying in Russia is quite dangerous. I travel numerous times a year around USA and Europe. I leave in USA and my dad lives in Russia. I have not seen him for over 10 years. I have no problem to fly to Moscow or Saint-Petersburg because I trust to US or European airlines, but to see my dad I have to take domestic 2 hour flight. My father refused to fly couple of years ago after Russian hockey team got killed in the airplane crush. I am afraid to fly in Russia too. I probably won't see my dad... My big condolences to all of victums' families...


Maynard 18.11.2013 21:44

U.S. airfarce is enemy.


amirhossein azimyzadeh 18.11.2013 10:16

I hope this does not happen again anywhere in the world


Pink Rabbit 18.11.2013 09:17

If the plane really is disintegrated as written above and picture suggests isn't it suspicious for a bomb? One video looked like two separate fireballs one front and one back that merged. And the reports of a wing hitting reminds me of the San Francisco Korea crash.


sandra 18.11.2013 06:47

Who knows what defective chips or poor craftsmanship second quality you may be getting. Does Russia have a team of their own investigators? When parts are falling off the plane and you are finding nuts and bolts all over, it is time to build your own planes and get your economy working. Men work, women happy.


none 18.11.2013 06:15

Мои соболезнов ания России и русских


Fables of Amnianus 18.11.2013 05:30

All the major crashes seem to be brought to us by Boeing as of late.


Maria Antonova 18.11.2013 05:28

Can someone PLEASE get me a list of those who died? (not in a rude manner) I just hope that Alexander Antonov isn't my brother they're talking about :(


Roger 18.11.2013 05:04

Michael Woytek 17.11.2013 18:20

Exa ctly.


Look at Norway lying horizontal at the top. The map hasn't been flattened, it's factored in the curvature of the earth. If you use your imagination, you'll see that it is indeed east of Moscow according to the map.


Bianca Toma 18.11.2013 03:54

My sincere condolences Russia.Lord bless !


Arceli Rodriguez Fidel 18.11.2013 02:52

So sad:-((May our almighty God comfort and bless those victims family. May they all rest in peace. :/


Marc Lefameux 18.11.2013 02:01

Sincères condoléances aux familles des victimes.

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