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Death row inmates may face “torturous” end with animal-killing drug

09.06.2011 05:55

A drug designed as a cure is now being used to kill on America's death row. But human rights groups are alarmed that the powerful chemical may subject inmates to a lingering and painful death.

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Johnny ✫ Johnson 27.03.2014 17:28

Glenn Ford spent 30 years on death row after prosecutors finally admitted they had evidence of his innocence. Ford was tried and sentenced to death by an all-white jury. The key witnesses against him said at trial that police helped her make up her story. A state "expert" who testified about the victim's time of death had not even examined the body. Ford's lead trial attorney had never tried a jury case before. His second attorney worked slip and fall cases for an insurance company. They failed to hire any experts because they thought they had to pay for it themselves.


Johnny ✫ Johnson 27.03.2014 17:24

The most important reason to end this barbaric punishment is that too many innocent people are executed. According to , 140 people have been exonerated and freed from death row since 1973. 140 people. How many more were innocent but were executed before their innocence could be proven?

The latest person to be released from prison after spending time on death row is Glenn Ford. On March 11, Judge Ramona Emanuel ordered him to be "unconditionall y released from custody of the Louisiana Department of Corrections.”


Johnny ✫ Johnson 27.03.2014 17:22

It's time to end the death penalty once and for all in this country. If you don't care about the human tragedy of it, the cost alone should sway you. It is less expensive to imprison ten people for life than it is to execute one person, due to the legal process involved. It takes so many years to execute most of them that the natural end of their life isn't that much longer.


Denise Weyer 26.03.2014 18:41

The fact that people will post how barbaric it is to execute with this new drug is absurd..please do us all a favor and find out what the inmate did to get on death one remembers the victims and how barbaric there lives ended at the hands of someone you wish to now defend..please the Bible says and eye for an eye and Christ himself was executed. once you violate civilization in the manner to which you did--your rights are null and void and however a state chooses to execute you so be it!!


sandra 14.10.2013 06:14

Disgusting and barbaric. Explain to family members of those that have died and were 100% innocent and it is found out too late whether through DNA or eye witness testimony after the fact and evidence that was not shown at trial. It happens constantly. Some sickos in society get off on this and think it is fine. Well, I hope one day you get into a situation and you are coerced or even set up and bye-bye. Your did it and it was proven so let's get you into the electric chair, It is not painful. Heck, it will be an eye opener for you. And no one will listen to you. Guilty or not.


Kelly Michelle Brown 26.09.2013 00:13

Umm ok....let me see if I can wrap my mind around this. We are worried about causing pain and suffering to cold blooded killers who don't give their victims a choice about their pain and suffering? Really?

Anonymous user 23.05.2013 17:03

Electrocution is provably humane and painless. Electo-convulsive therapy is painless.


Brian Rees 21.05.2013 12:09

This article is fake outrage. This is the drug used in Switzerland for people who wish to take their own lives "assisted suicide". The rules for providing this drug for use by the patient are very strict as they are in all other juristictions where the practice ia allowed.

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