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Death, hunger, looting: Typhoon-ravaged Philippines' state of national calamity

11.11.2013 14:35

In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, which left thousands dead, many more displaced and survivors battling for survival amid devastation and chaos, the Philippines has declared a state of national calamity to help restore order to the reeling nation.

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SuchN3SS 14.11.2013 10:10

Did the military induce Haiyan with HAARP to acquire acquiescence to TPP? Consider the problem of "global warming". What it ultimately boils down to is an issue of resource management. The TPP is another attack upon the planet and its inhabitants, needlessly misallocating resources for the profiteering of the oligarchs. Often under the veil of a truth an abuser lurks manipulating the truth and siphoning wealth and resources from its implications. Is climate change a convenient veil for weather warfare? Check out "Weather Modification 101"= dutchsinse on You Tube!


Waigwa Anne 12.11.2013 08:34

Somebody tell me what is the state for Sisiters of visitation at phillipines- at tacloban really need to know if my sister from kenya is safe


mihaiionutz 12.11.2013 07:39

rt bugs me2 , and stop removing mi posts .please


RETEP 12.11.2013 07:22

Meanwhile the good old USA are spending over 2 Billion dollars to upgrade their Nuclear Weapons Arsenal... And this is so much more important than those poor desperate people from the Philippines. This world is sick to the bone and the USA are leading the way with this disease..


Sony Jim 12.11.2013 07:06

Russia and China have lost their way in South East Asia once again - too slow to give any meaningful support.


Ed Camilo 12.11.2013 05:52

@Rockyfjord: South Korea like Taiwan is being used to impress the Communists in N Korean and PRC. However if the capitalists helped everyone they would defeat their own purpose; which is, to enslave most of the people.


Ronald Moger 12.11.2013 04:29

PeaceKeeper 12.11.2013 02:06

USA, UK, France are good only in Looting and destruction since Colonialism. Making Pledges and later not fulfilling them. USA, France, UK and Israel want to transport their expensive Junk as Relief when CASH is only needed by the Victims.


The UK has given over 10 million in aid cash as well as sending hms daring to the scene and a transportation plane, you're talking absolute rubbish. How much has Russia given? Oh, a mobile hospital, wooo! Such a contribution. Yes, the country needs cash, maybe russia should give some?


D F 12.11.2013 01:21

I worked with many Filipino's in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabian Airlines in Riyadh from 1990 to 1998- I have seen their country the people are beautiful inside and out.
I wish them all the very best during these times of troubles. Many are praying for you hoping wishing that you are safe- I'm story for the catastrophe you are suffering.


SourceKnown! 11.11.2013 22:08

If we use the earth quake as a focal point of the energy release, then we can say that within the danger area you will have Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Omar, Yemen. Omar and Yemen are at a very high risk in my opinion. You also have a risk to Somalia, however Somalia is already seeing storm activity.

S o I would suggest that any storm may come from Somalia and sweep Oman / Yemen then into Saudi Arabia.

In my opinion there is a high chance of more very powerful storms in that region / area!


SourceKnown! 11.11.2013 22:00

Planets core is charging, you have frequent volcanic eruptions in Indonesia over the past few months. Which is a sign of some kind of energy build up, then release and now you have this massive storm in the same area.

Are we seeing increased seismic activity anywhere and will we see similar activity on the other side of the eruptions.

I for one am not agreeing to the ignore the climate change, focus on the all the other stuff! (RT bugs me)!


Marc Letourneau 11.11.2013 21:28

George Lemonides 11.11.2013 20:31

Were is China, Russia, Iran and all the neighboring nations? Its shows how greedy these Nations are- Humanity only lives in the West- Greed and Evil exists in the rest. Shame on you all Eastern Greedy nations.


The greed in the West is more concentrated in the big banks and other corporations who control the governments and are ripping people off. But the government are helping to keep a good face for the people who want to help.


SourceKnown! 11.11.2013 19:18

Humanity must stand as one against what is to come! or we will all fall!


mihaiionutz 11.11.2013 19:18

i don't want to be inadequate but , peoples are predefined to do souch things .
"no way....''


Keith Donald Holke 11.11.2013 19:12

If you have money, donate to charitable organizations like the Canadian Red Cross. They're administration fees are minute compared to The Red Cross US. =)

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