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10,000 feared killed in Philippines by super typhoon Haiyan (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

10.11.2013 01:01

An estimated 10,000 people might have been killed in the central Philippine province of Leyte alone, which was almost completely destroyed by the powerful typhoon Haiyan, local authorities said.

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SuchN3SS 15.11.2013 00:59

Gerry 14.11.2013 05:58

W hat conceivable reason would a HAARP attack be for,they can't use that thing anymore cause it has a habit of frying sattelites. Nope this was just bad luck and the greenhouse effect, conspiracy theories are in bad taste now, so take off your tin foil hat a donate some money.


Besides the general profiteering from destruction that is responsible for much of the "economy". Then maybe a little piece of legislation known as the Trans Pacific Partnership. Watch video entitled "'Weather Modification'=dutchs inse" on YouTube for further articulation!


Freesaxon 11.11.2013 08:09

>>She spoke of the hundreds of bodies strewn around the streets. “There were children and women," <<

Ju st ... children and women ?
Strange comment if true !


Freesaxon 11.11.2013 08:06

Wood, wood, and piles of wood, the few buildings left in place are brick, when they rebuild help should be given help to enable them to build stronger buildings, along with shelters.

It's 2013 they had the warning but nowhere to go ?


Colorado 11.11.2013 07:40

Rebuilding buildings is one thing.
Ignoring evacuation warnings is this.


Arghangel 11.11.2013 07:32

The U.S. stepped forward and offered an initial $100,000 for I guess, individual Health Insurance Copays and fresh drinking water, medicine, etc... reminds me of an old R. Cobb political cartoon of some starving African kid sitting next to a C.A.R.E. package holding a can of Drano! Glad to see the country that shipped me off to Viet Nam back in the 70's is finally Manning-Up to make a difference in the present World Situation!!


Mixu Vaelitis 11.11.2013 07:10

Considering how much wealth USA has sucked out of the Philippines and used it's people for the benefit of it's elite the helping operation is just cheap propaganda.


JJ 11.11.2013 07:06

This is another HAARP attack from US .


Lance Robile 11.11.2013 06:48

Good on the US for helping these people, russians need to help to but it looks like they still choking on NSA stories.


little one 11.11.2013 04:57

Nature always balance it self beyond any emotions, so man need better understanding & linkages with it.


Barack Jamshid Us 11.11.2013 04:34

oh god

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