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Pirate Bay launches easy anti-censorship browser

12.08.2013 13:18

The Pirate Bay has released a self-configured browser package, which allows users to skate around the anti-piracy censorship of certain governments. Now one can access TPB and other file-sharing websites blocked by internet providers in ‘one click’.

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Spezi Shadowsong 29.10.2013 09:00

So you're saying that Denmark can't access TPB? Well.. That's a big lie.


Peter Jennings 12.09.2013 10:07

Gov'ts and big business are the true plagiarists. They are bed fellows but it is you they want to pluke.


Chris McGrath 13.08.2013 08:51

Nice! Stickin' it to the man! The only other web browser I know of that does anything like this (without being for the dark net) is torch browser (cause hola unblocker comes standard now). The more of these products the better!!


mijj 13.08.2013 07:53

one good think comes out of all this: clarity that the international consortium of Corporate-Government s regards the Public as the enemy. We know without doubt it's Us vs. Them.


Hanonymouse 13.08.2013 00:24

What makes you think a government that is willing to break its own laws is suddenly going to abide by some international agreement? I bet the text will be full of ambiguous "weasel words" anyway.


mkey 12.08.2013 17:57

What gives legality to a bribed court?

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