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Pirate Party reports Swedish IT minister to police for copyright violations

09.08.2013 02:01

The Swedish Pirate Party has celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Pirate Bay torrent website by reporting the country’s strongly anti-piracy IT minister, Anna-Karin Hatt, to the police for infringing online copyright laws on several occasions.

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Peter Jennings 12.09.2013 10:15

Piratebay have shown that those in charge are just useless, ignorant flunkies who don't know a nibble from a byte. They are put into these positions because they are compliant and ask no questions in relation to their own legality and know very little of their subject. Useful & well paid idiots who they wind up and let go at the public.


Aleksandar Uskokovic 10.08.2013 15:22

Fight on, pirates!


student ofGodsWay 09.08.2013 21:09

The difference between us and them these days equates to legalized, veiled slavery. The evil genius of it is that they have both tricked us into thinking it's ok, and (more importantly) numbed us to the point that we won't do anything (significant) about it regardless of what we think.


Danny Froberg 09.08.2013 12:29

Oh dear... well it's not easy to figure out where the lines are, but one would think a public official who debates these issues frequently would have a clue...

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