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Bear scare: Crowds of polar predators ‘besiege’ Russian Far East town

11.11.2013 11:28

Residents of several settlements in the Russian Far East are in for unwelcome visitors: hungry polar bears. Over 40 have gathered just a stone's throw away from the village of Ryrkaypy in Chukotka.

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Regula 29.12.2013 09:39

Such sweet bears - how can you hold it against them that they are hungry? Dump a load of fish a few hundred meters away from the village - all they want is food, doesn't have to be roast human, fish is fine.


Pete Anderson 11.11.2013 23:50

At least the Polar bears lives and environment have been protected from the Globalist agenda. Shame we can not say the same for the people of earth.

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