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Pope calls on world leaders to abandon military options in Syria

05.09.2013 22:54

Pope Francis called on world leaders attending the G20 summit in Russia to seek peace in Syria through diplomatic means and to lay aside the “futile pursuit” of a military solution.

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My View 14.07.2014 01:02

The Pope is using code to tell the US and its Mid East allies, to stop arming and supporting the terrorist that are bringing Syria to the cliff's edge.


Kage-Mykel Edwards 10.09.2013 09:50

Anti Zionist 08.09.2013 20:23

Maybe this pope should first modify the practices and laws inside the Vatican state that allow child molesters to be protected and get away with murder. I say: sweep your own house before you say mine is filthy.


Um, he's calling for peace, and you just... *sigh*
With an attitude like that, sir, you're no better than the Syrian rebels. "Anti-Zionist&q uot; I think you need to re-assess your life, and try to seek Truth in all directions - instead of spewing accusations and snide quips in response getting the same from others...


fran7 09.09.2013 13:02

ANYONE WHO ADVOCATES PEACE THROUGH NEGOTIATION IS ON THE SIDE OF THE GOOD GUYS. Russia and China have been trying to get USA around the peace table regarding Syria for over 2 years now but the USA government does not want peace and is continually whipping up hysteria and false hoods to cause more death and destruction in the middle east. The USA government want a regime change in Syria just because they don't like Mr Assad. This is not a good enough reason for USA interventionism which would be like throwing petrol on a fire and would not be legal. The UN should be given all the time they need to get the evidence.


Joseph 08.09.2013 20:18

Don't be frustrated Steve.
It can be much worse and he knows it.
He is calling on all parties to finally sit down.
It's the only option.
Part of the problem may be the 4 million refugees fleeing into surrounding countries favorable to the west and undermining their stability.


Steve Earnshaw 08.09.2013 08:38

Is this man serious? What i would call futile would be the two and a half years of wasted time spent on"diplomatic means"that has achieved absolutely nothing except make matters worse


Brad Millar 07.09.2013 17:17

neither a catholic or someone with religious beliefs ... this new pope seems to be wise and should be listened to ... war should be avoided and the route that Vladimir Putin always wanted was diplomacy which was never given a chance by western powers


sandra 07.09.2013 15:14

You should speak out against strikes and attacks on the Syrian people.

Yet, your o.k. with breaking down the family unit and accept the gay lifestyle instead of funding the medical issues dealing in their brain.Where is your funding to help instead of accepting their choice of sodomy. So you choose sodomy as well?


Pete Mason 07.09.2013 13:44

Nice words, Francis.

But you won't deceive me. You're just one Jesuit calling for world peace whilst your brethren together with the Zionists are plotting world conflagration.


thesideoftruth 07.09.2013 07:38

Vitale 06.09.2013 06:11

This pope guy comes out of the woodworks too late. We havn't heard boo out of him through the duration of Rebel terrorist's destablizing Syria.
As if coming out and doing the celebrity wave and the sign of the cross is going to put it right.

If anyone is to put everything in order is the one man running Russia.
So pope. Take a back seat on your throne and keep praying for sins whilst we sort your mates out who are financing these terrorists.


What makes you think he hasnt spoken out earlier? Maybe its the media just now giving him air time....


Daniel hudd 07.09.2013 01:10

A Jesuit Pope calls for Peace over Syria, Admiral and Compelling to his Flock. While the Jesuit educated elite in Washington DC still call for War on Syria. And the Jesuit controlled CIA still sends Weapons and intel to the Rebels. Nothing is what it seems in this grand illusion being played before our vary eye's. Where soon, out of Chao's a savior shall come and gather you together into the New World Order. Like the taste of Sweet Honey is to a bear, but in your belly a bitter sickness as you acknowlege an allegence and the binding of your souls to the father of lies.


WorkTogether 06.09.2013 21:56

Pope takes responsibility for his flock, but that is not saying, they will all live clean lives. Same with a good president.. his people let him down too, same as parents who rear their children well, but sometimes the children grow up & go off the rails. Although this reflects life, it does not mean we should give up on what is ethical & right. Pope Francis is trying his best to do just that. Is he part of the Evil Zionist Cabal? We don't know, but if he is, he must live with it. One thing is clear today, people are waking up & nothing will stop their power to expose the truth & the truth will heal the world again.


WorkTogether 06.09.2013 21:37

God bless Pope Francis. Hope you were guided to the right moment in time to change hearts & minds so that the US & those in favor of striking Syria, rethink & all parties in the ME can work out the diplomatic solution you advise. It is not just possible, but Pres Obama will be greatly admired for his courage to change direction & support a peaceful initiative through to the end. Today it might be Obama's turn to have made a mistake, tomorrow it may be some other leader doing it. Pope Francis please contact Pres Obama & ask him to change his mind. Who knows, maybe you get to read my small plea one can always hope!


Terrence Draper 06.09.2013 21:17

pope francis i think the whole planet has lost there way
it seems to have gone totally balmy with so many important people all together and all everyone wnts to do is test there weapons im trying to workout who are the good guys and who are the bad guys because i dont think i can tell anymore but it is a time for change too we need to
organise mankind as we are running out of oxygen we are useing more than the planet is producing it seems no one cares its the money and the power mankind is living on the brink of extinction and its getting to late to do anything about it too many many reguards


Abulkhair Sarhandi 06.09.2013 21:07

" Those who call themselves Christians are nearest to you " declaration in the Quran. Thus NOT only Christians but Muslims too regard Pope a great spiritual leader to be honoured for he represents Jesus " the Spirit of God " . There have been periods in history when Christians, Jews and Muslims have lived together as though they were of one religion. It is only when Christianity was over take by capitalist mentality and which in turn gave birth to modern imperialism that we have come to this stage where not only Christian and Islamic World stand to be destroyed but all the rest of the world as well.


Vince McNichol 06.09.2013 20:48

I suppose Francis is a step in the right direction for Catholics - but he still can't get things right in his own church.

“Confron ted with similar acts one cannot remain silent, and the Holy See hopes that the competent institutions make clear what happened and that those responsible face justice"

If only the Catholic Church faced their own abuses with the same fervor...


David Behrens 06.09.2013 20:25

"The pope is moral leadership on earth to almost 1/3 of the earth"

"The Pope is the Moral Leader, I agree."

As long as the Roman Catholic Church, and its Pope, de fact condone the sodomization of children by not punishing, or even reporting to secular authority
those Roman Catholic priests who sodomize children.

Who is more morally deficit: Those who sodomize children, or those who protect the sodomizers of children?


George Rizk 06.09.2013 14:53

The pope is moral leadership on earth to almost 1/3 of the earth. His words has major weight in the heart of the believers. The problem is the American government has marginalized Christianity in favor of Judaism, which controls the lion's share of the opinion makers as well as the decision makers. Hence the Pope pleading for no violence against Iraq before our invasion did not mean sh't! Actually, today 90% of American are against bombing Syria, and their opinion do not mean sh't either. Only Nataniahu and the Saudi Arabia count. Hence, we are a giant enslaved country of mercenaries.


Ricardo Rodrigues 06.09.2013 14:31

[quote name='Vitale' time='06.09.2013 10:34']It's hard to get my head around why Adolf H was invited to Rome back in the day and idolised by the then Pope and Co.
Not saying Francois is bad, but his pre buddies are questionable.[/quote ]

Brush up your history...

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