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‘Our marriage is over’: Putin to divorce wife of 30 years

06.06.2013 17:57

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila have announced their decision to divorce after nearly 30 years of marriage. The scrutiny a national leader experiences is a hard burden for anyone to bear, Putin explained.

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Kaela Creighton 19.06.2013 19:26

Well, I don't believe in marriage in the first place. You can't possess another. Plus, we're animals and just not designed for it. I'm thankful for this though. I spent a long time feeling guilty about liking Putin, and now I don't have to feel bad anymore. Not that Putin would ever like me, but I can feel better knowing that he's free too, as we all should be. Alas.

Anonymous user 10.06.2013 05:42

Fortune had a cover about the CEO's second wife, back in the 1980's:
Trading in for the newer model.

Anonymous user 09.06.2013 07:26

Sad. Mr. Putin can only lead a solitary life during his presidential term in office.

Anonymous user 08.06.2013 10:20

This is the beginning of the end for Putin! What a big disappointment! got counseling?

Anonymous user 08.06.2013 06:14

I still like President Putin. I think he is still Awesome!

Anonymous user 08.06.2013 03:39

One less bell to answer
One less egg to fry
One less man to pick up after

Anonymous user 08.06.2013 02:13

I am saddened to hear this. I wish both of them the best.


Total Shop 07.06.2013 23:25

Sr. Presidente Putin, ainda há tempo para desistir dessa decisão. Sua familia e as pessoas por toda terra lhe agradecem.


Total Shop 07.06.2013 23:14

Profundíssimamente lamentável, essa marca é indelével.
O que Deus uniu, não separe o homem.

Anonymous user 07.06.2013 22:45

what about that hot young gymnast he already has a love child with?
she seemed more photogenic

Anonymous user 07.06.2013 19:45

All of Russia is having a double vodka and vodka with a splash of vodka!

Anonymous user 07.06.2013 18:20

Call me, Vlad. I'm the USA born Slavic Queen you search for - together we can rule the world.


Hudson Valley Chronic 07.06.2013 17:25

Here's a song your president might like in his current state of mind. It's called "Running Out," by the American blues-rock artist Biff Thuringer. Enjoy!

http ://biffthuringer.ban ing-out

Anonymous user 07.06.2013 17:23

My Hero

Anonymous user 07.06.2013 17:21

Putin for me can never do wrong.

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