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Olympians reveal tricks of the curling trade

Published time: February 24, 2011 19:05
Edited time: February 24, 2011 23:35

When the snow starts melting outside, some are trying to keep winter alive indoors – for example, by curling.

The exotic sport has recently become quite popular in Russia.

The game does not require much equipment – you just need a broom, a special stone and firm footing.

Ultimately, the aim is to get the stone as close to the most inner circle as possible. Doing so involves the help of three others tasked with brushing the ice to move the stone along and control its direction.

“We sweep the ice with this brush, a thin layer of water appears and the stone moves faster,” Nkeiruka Ezeh, second at the Russian national women’s curling team, told RT. “We should do it very fast to make the layer of water bigger.”

To play well you need much practice, though, Nkeiruka Ezeh said.

“During summer time, we run, two times a day, for about a month,” Ezeh told RT. “We then start exercises and training on the ice before playing. You need at least two years of training to become a player at the international level and participate in international competitions.”