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Disabled writer nominated for Russia’s most prestigious literary prize

Published time: August 24, 2011 16:43
Edited time: August 24, 2011 20:43

Rubén Gallego

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A popular Russian blogger and radio journalist has called on the country's top literary prize to be awarded to a disabled writer Ruben Gallego.

The Russian writer of Spanish descent fell on to railway tracks in Washington DC a week ago and is now being treated in a local hospital.

He has already won the yearly Booker-Russia prize for his memoir about the upbringing in Soviet orphanages in 2003.

This makes him eligible to compete for the Russian Booker of the Decade award, which comes with a 600,000-ruble prize purse.

The journalist is now calling the jury and all other writers who stand in the competition to award the money to Gallego.


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