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Miss Russian Night pageant held in Moscow

Published time: March 24, 2010 02:56
Edited time: March 24, 2010 02:56

The Miss Russian Night award is an event filled with exciting dancing, champagne, celebrities and sex. After a year-long competition, the most erotic girl of 2009 has been chosen.

Viewers of an erotic entertainment channel from across Russia watched videos online and voted through text messaging for the most beautiful girls. Ten of them made it to the finals, which took place in one of Moscow’s poshest clubs, Rai.

The winner, actress Alina Artz, says there is much more to the erotic entertainment industry than you might expect.

“When I came to the Russian Night competition I realized that erotic acting is a totally different area, a totally different form of art. Unfortunately, this is something a theater academy cannot teach you. It took me some time to understand this wasn’t an easy job.”

Alina has got a monetary prize and a contract to be the face of the Russia night erotic channel for an entire year.

I am a very happy woman right now. So I want to address ladies first of all: if you have any secret desires or plans or dreams in your heart, I want you to believe in yourselves and to follow these dreams. And I want to address men too. I want you to keep supporting your beautiful women,” she says.

In the finals the girls were judged on their character and their ability to move – there is even a talent portion of the contest, but the judging panel is clear in what they think the most important features are.

“A girl’s body plays a very significant role in my choice. She has to have nice waist, hips and breasts. In personal relationships, their intellectual abilities would definitely be important too, but tonight, along with many other men, my attention will be focused on their bodies,” said one of the judges ahead of the contest.