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FSB to track bus, rail and air travellers' movements inside Russia

Published time: September 27, 2012 20:23
Edited time: September 28, 2012 00:23

Aircraft at the ramp at the Moscow Domodedovo International Airport. (RIA Novosti / Alexey Kudenko)

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The Transport and Interior ministries are joining forces to increase security in Russia.

Passengers will soon have to show a passport when buying tickets for a train or a bus, if they are travelling to another region of Russia.  Information about travel itineraries, as well as personal data, will then be transferred to the security forces – the FSB and Interior Ministry – via a special database.

The Transport Ministry says the system, which will be introduced in July 2013, is primarily directed at increasing security.  Officials say it will help prevent terrorist attacks.

However, critics warn that there’s a danger of the data ending up in the wrong hands; they also say potential terrorists will be able to obtain fake documents/travel tickets through bribery.


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