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Russia to re-word ‘gay propaganda’ law

Published time: November 23, 2011 16:52
Edited time: November 23, 2011 20:52

Gay community protests in St. Petersburg (RIA Novosti / Aleksey Danichev)

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St. Petersburg's parliament will review a controversial bill banning so-called "gay propaganda that targets children."

The draft law's second reading has been postponed in order to clarify the wording, slammed by critics as too discriminative.

The bill introduces fines for public actions promoting homosexuality among minors. “Promoting homosexuality” is to be punished with a fine from 1,000 rubles ($32) for individuals to 50,000 rubles ($1,630) for legal entities.

The speaker of Russia's upper house said the law may later be adopted at the federal level.

Russia's gay community says this is an infringement of human rights. The bill's first reading sparked street protests in St. Petersburg.

The international LGBT community reacted with an on-line petition in support of their Russian counterparts.


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