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Obscene prank causes traffic jam in Moscow

Published time: March 24, 2010 20:25
Edited time: March 24, 2010 20:25

A video panel over one of Moscow’s major roadways streamed a pornographic video clip instead of commercials on Thursday night. Amused drivers, who took pictures with mobile phones, blocked the traffic.

The company owning the panel blamed unknown hackers for the incident.

“It was a hacker attack on the controlling computer, in which one of our commercials was substituted with the obscene video,” a spokesman for the firm said in a statement.

An police investigation is underway into whether the attack was a pure act of hooliganism or one commissioned by competitors, he said, adding that the operators shut down the screen as soon as they were informed about what it was showing.

Earlier version suggested that the company’s own engineers may have been involved in the prank.

Dozens of eyewitnesses managed to take pictures and video of the offensive panel, and Russian blogs were soon full of comments on the incident.

The episode is far from being world’s first case of obscene material displayed on the street. Even Iran, a country highly intolerant of piquant pictures, faced such a display in 2007 much to the outrage of the authorities and the public.

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