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Ostrich eggs on the menu in Russia’s Far East

Published time: December 23, 2007 05:51
Edited time: December 23, 2007 05:51

A man in Russia’s Primorsky region can have an omelette of ostrich eggs even in the middle of winter as he has a farm full of ostriches.

It all began four years ago when Valery brought the birds to his farm in Russia's Primorsky region. Back then, many were doubtful about the idea.

But the ostriches survived and a new generation of fluffy offspring are already exploring their whereabouts – not seeming to miss their hot African homeland at all.

To Valery’s surprise, the birds even seem willing to breed all the year round. All this despite the absence of any specialised bird feed. Valery prepares the food himself, and in the winter he makes sure it's full of vitamins.

One thing he really needs but can’t afford is a large piece of land big enough for his pets.

The farm has become something of a local attraction and Valery has even received several offers to sell his pets for meat at a high price. But he says no bird will get the chop at least for the next couple of years.

Right now the goal is to breed as many birds as possible, though occasionally Valery goes in for the odd omelette.