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Escaped boa-constrictor finds its way home

Published time: July 13, 2011 14:43
Edited time: July 13, 2011 21:06

Kaliningrad residents have managed to recapture a giant snake that fled the zoo.

The two-meter long monster was lying in the sunshine wrapped around an electrical box. The people who found it say it looked upset and very hungry.

The snake crawled away after a dog smashed its glass cage, scaring locals to death.

The runaway has now been returned to the zoo, where it was fed immediately. Its keeper says the boa has lost weight since it disappeared, so apparently no-one was eaten by it.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian citizens are experiencing another snake scare. A two-headed monster snake has gone on display in a local zoo.

An albino California kingsnake arrived in Ukraine from a German snake-breeding farm. The snake indeed has two heads that breathe, think, react and eat separately.

As close as they could be, the heads, however, are not very friendly to each other. Zoo workers say that they have to put a barrier between them when feeding the snake.

"We have to keep one head away from another when one of them eats,” Oleh Zubkov, head of Yalta Zoo, told the Associated Press. “One head is dominant, so sometimes she wants to take a mouse off the other head."

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