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Innocence of the guilty: Taryn Simon’s retrospective opens in Moscow

Published time: January 20, 2012 18:08
Edited time: January 20, 2012 22:08

Taryn Simon, Larry Mayes. Scene of arrest, The Royal Inn, Gary, Indiana, Police found Mayes hiding beneath a mattress in this room, Served 18.5 years of an 80-year sentence for Rape, Robbery and Unlawful Deviate Conduct, 2002

Download video (55.38 MB)

US photographer Taryn Simon, a photographer covering the human soul's darker corners, has arrived in Moscow to present her new exhibition at the Multimedia Art Museum.

­The exhibition's photos were gathered from galleries and museums around the world, bringing together Taryn's major projects of the last decade.

Simon’s choice of subjects is often considered bizarre. They include people wrongly convicted of violent crimes, religious and political leaders, and items confiscated from people entering the US.

You can catch the exhibition at the Multimedia Art Museum until February 18.


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