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One-third of Russian girls want to be men

Published time: February 22, 2011 18:49
Edited time: February 22, 2011 22:23

As Men's Day approaches, Russian women appear to be getting jealous. A new survey suggests one-third of women in the country would prefer to be men.

The survey was held by a recruitment website. It found that 28 per cent of Russian women think their lives would be better if they were men.

One of the things making women unhappy is the need to look good all the time.

Having to bear and raise children was another major complaint, as well as men’s larger salaries.

The women also say that they do not like always having to control their behavior and being decent. “In some cases, you just want to punch somebody in the face, like the men do,” the site quotes a participant saying.

In contrast, only five per cent of Russian men would rather be women.

“Women do not need to be clever and successful. They don’t need to make a brilliant career,” men say. “Men always need to be strong. We have no right to be emotional.”

Another study suggests that being a woman has even more benefits. A survey by a leading Russian toy store found parents spend 20 per cent more on presents for girls.

Ninety-one per cent of men and sixty-five per cent of women said that they are happy with what they are while 4 and 7 per cent (correspondingly) are not sure. “It’s better to be a parrot. At least in our country,” one of the comments says.