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Istanbul warzone: Thousands of protesters try to reclaim Taksim Square (VIDEO)

11.06.2013 17:42

Riot police have fired volleys of tear gas as thousands of protesters are trying to reclaim Taksim after being forced out in fierce clashes with law enforcement. Thick smoke blankets the square.

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Anonymous user 15.06.2013 20:48

NATO will 1st destroy SYRIA and after tell us the good of the NEW DEMO(N)CRATY on the US MODEL

Anonymous user 15.06.2013 20:44

in Turkey DEMOCRATY are on his way like in Irak, Libya, Syria and so on - Again a false DEMOCRATY


dragmex 12.06.2013 22:23

That should be nato pals


dragmex 12.06.2013 22:22

I'm sure if Ergoden asked his anto pals for help, that they would bomb the protestors, after all, they ARE the good guys.........aern't they?????????

Anonymous user 12.06.2013 19:42

18:27 - I think he meant like Turkey. As it was said.

Anonymous user 12.06.2013 18:27

@"... on a path of deeper democratization" ;
You mean like Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan?


Kerry 12.06.2013 18:07

Most authoritarian regimes, treat any kind of dissent in this fashion. The conduct of the Turkish law enforcement agencies has been truly disgraceful, even chasing a wheelchair bound protestor with water cannon. If I lived in the EU, I would be very concerned at the actions of the Turkish government in this matter, they are not compatible with the norms of a truly modern and democratic state, and certainly not compatible with the entry criteria of the EU itself.

Anonymous user 12.06.2013 16:57

Long live the uprising at Taksim Square!
Wake up naive people of Turkey.
Now it's your time to rule!

Anonymous user 12.06.2013 16:33

Humanity-despising Enforcement of "Corporation Will" socalled "Law for Non-elite" !

Anonymous user 12.06.2013 16:10

Not only the Pope of Rome was SILENT in WW2 ! 911 NEVER AGAIN goyim to remove rubble so fast!

Anonymous user 12.06.2013 15:44

Learning from America is learning to win .

Anonymous user 12.06.2013 15:40

Thank You logical-American for American Logic !!!

Anonymous user 12.06.2013 14:24

Where in world you seen bunch of people accupy a square where public people pass everyday? US/UK ?!!

Anonymous user 12.06.2013 13:38

Time for US action man McCain to meet the protesters and supply them with weapons!

Anonymous user 12.06.2013 13:22

This is a protest by Turkish people against occupying Anglo-Irish crusaders and their puppet Erdogan

Anonymous user 12.06.2013 12:06

Those prosecuted SHOULD receive ,political asylum in Russia.

Anonymous user 12.06.2013 12:05

Protesters "NEED" Humanitarian aid. And free cellphones and tablets to use twitter and fb.

Anonymous user 12.06.2013 11:51

protesters need to be dealt with a iron hand and quick

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