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Israel boycott? World’s largest children’s books publisher ‘erases’ Jewish state from map

13.11.2013 16:38

The world’s biggest publisher of children’s titles has skipped Israel from their maps in a school book, a mother of one of the readers found out as she failed to find her motherland to show her little son, the Times of Israel reported.

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Golan Ssenkooza Mutesah 29.12.2013 19:30

Buy boycott all books that are published by this company what a banch of idiots how can you forget a whole country may it belongs to Ayatollahs


Dominic Blais 17.12.2013 19:27

i would have labled it Palestine


ℒℴѵℯKyle 17.12.2013 01:11

I don't recogise any country that uses non-secular law, religon is a delusion.


Armaan Sahgal 09.12.2013 07:15

Wait so Scholastic wants Jordan to occupy Palestine? Wow.


Asclepius 08.12.2013 17:32

The name Saudi should be removed from Arabia as well.


Afcan Stellar 16.11.2013 04:00

I hope the mice are not Zionists trying to find a Homeland in Of course Israel doesn't exist given the time in the Story. Nor will I hope to see an Raciest Ideology flourish. If any error is in this book is the error of Palestine except Jordan. But there is no much difference there.


Julian Siuksta 15.11.2013 09:00

A vision of the Future? Israel attacked Iran, so Russia nuked IsraHell off the map?


Teree Alfaro 15.11.2013 03:20

Very disappointing, as a mother and now a grandmother, I cannot support a publisher who supports such a lie.


Devraya Reddy 14.11.2013 18:51

By its oppressive actions against the Palestinians and its continued occupation of Palestinian land, Israel has abdicated its right to exist.


John Doe 14.11.2013 17:33

Joseph Walker 14.11.2013 13:46

A Free education lesson for morons,retards.and ignorant and uneducated humans on our planet.
There was no country in the middle East called Palestine till the Year 150 AD.The Roman Emperor Hadrain name the land Palestine,otherwise it was called Judah,The name for the race for jews since the Time of Abraham.Now if any teacher say anything different tell them to stick they heads in the toilet and flush.The contents are the same.


LULZ yeah dip shid, it was called PHILISTINE.

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