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'No one will prevail over Russia militarily': Putin eyes $700bn to advance Army

12.12.2013 09:53

Russia will not allow any nation to dominate it in military terms, the Russian president said. Some nations are developing new kinds of weapons, which may tip the global strategic balance, but Russia knows how to counter them.

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Bam Solano 08.05.2014 18:52



matahari 23.12.2013 19:51

Right on, Mr Putin. Readers should watch "Thirteen Days" and "Who Shot The Kursk" on Youtube to understand the kind of madmen, hardliners and warmongering in Washington and the Whitehouse that free nations have to deal with.

In view of Washington's unbridled hostility and imperial militaristic ambitions, Russia should form an alliance with China. An attack on one is an attack on the other. That should make Washington pause in her belligerence. It's a strong card and a useful one.


양육정 20.12.2013 13:45

China-Russia will counter US for re-balancing the world


Rafasa Arandas 17.12.2013 23:52

Magog rising, unsurprising.


Tony Dimu 17.12.2013 05:02

God save Putin Christian and destroy west for good.


Tony Dimu 17.12.2013 04:55

God bless. Russia islanders


John McFarland 17.12.2013 03:45

Russia will have to keep strengthening its defenses until the second great financial collapse (GFC2). The West will then become even more dangerous, because weakened. It will then face severe social unrest and may have to divert its armamentarium against its own peoples. GFC2 is approaching rapidly and will present its victims with the 'bail-in' syndrome, as in Cyprus this year. Outright theft of our financial assets by the bankster oligarchy will trigger massive unrest. If this occurs on Russia's periphery, you may be forced to intervene militarily, even with nukes. May God help us ride this out!


Foreign Agent 16.12.2013 22:13

$700 billion by 2020, this equals grossly the U.S. annual defense budget.....


Enrique 16.12.2013 06:00

A peaceful Europe is what both the U.S. and Russia need so they can develop their military might in the Pacific.


Enrique 16.12.2013 05:58

On the other side, it is also true that even the Russian Government prefers a peaceful Europe under U.S. Protectorate with a Germany without military ambitions, rather than a Europe in chaos which would have been in War every 20 years causing the dead of milions of Russians....So, some in Russia accept to be called the "bad guys" as far as it doesn´t mean a real threat to Russia.


Enrique 16.12.2013 05:55

The U.S. has done everything possible to present Russia in the World media as a threat, as a dangerous Dictatorship under the "evil" Dictator Vladimir Putin who wants to conquer the World....when in fact, it is NATO and the U.S. the one which has continued its territorial expansion, invading and threatening other nations, from Lybia to Syria, from Iran to Ukraine.

The reason is that a democratic and friendly Russian Federation increasing its bond to Europe makes the presence of America irrelevant. Why should be thousands of U.S troops, missiles and military hardware in Europe if Russia is a friendly nation?


Guy 15.12.2013 08:10

C’mon folks – The very last thing we need is Russia and America at each other’s throats. At the very least, you are brothers. Putin, in my vision, is a great man whilst America has chosen a baboon to lead them. Time to stop the C rap about who has the biggest D-ick! If Russia ever goes to war, it best be sure who their enemy is and it is not America.
IF Russia and America ever go to war with each other, your enemies will have won but if you work together, no force will ever bring you down. Except N166ers, they will erode any country


Brad 14.12.2013 05:00

What have you done Canada? Just because you're US's favourite lapdog doesn't mean you can do whatever you want. Now Putin and Russia will make you regret it by leading to the Arctic first in response.

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