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Top 10 powerful quotes from Putin’s historic Crimea address

19.03.2014 08:47

In perhaps the most pivotal address of the post-Soviet era, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the West to cut the bull on two decades of double standards and put the Cold War to rest. Here are the top 10 moments from his barn-burning address.

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Taras Colopelnic 28.05.2014 01:31

Hey Russia i think(well i dont think i know) you signed an agreement in the 60s and u cant just go into other countries and say who wants to break apart from Ukraine cus im pretty sure NO ONE would vote to be part of Russia if they didnt have 15 soldiers at every corner watching them!!! Russia get with today's world because in today's world u do t celebrate Independence Day by driving around in tanks in public squares!!


Ksaint3244 27.03.2014 15:11

Dennis John 25.03.2014 04:12

I am very much happy to see that Russia had come back to its old legacy..


il l be happy when i see fascist pigs like you burn on a stake in the middle of Red Square and then will see how happy you are 8::::::D


sureshiyer 25.03.2014 08:50

Moscow would have no truck with the people who took power in Kiev. They were “fascists, anti-Semites, nationalists and radicals who seized power in a coup d’etat backed by western patrons, and do not legitimately represent the people of Ukraine.”


Dennis John 25.03.2014 04:12

I am very much happy to see that Russia had come back to its old legacy..


Eastariel Noneofyo-bizniss 22.03.2014 20:49

Stop being so overly-competent, Judo Man. If yer a little less perfict, maybe you won't have to work until midnight.
What will happen when you retire? Educate others, pleeze, so you don't have to work until yer Babaji's age.
~ with love, from The Bodyguard


Eastariel Noneofyo-bizniss 22.03.2014 20:43

Dear Russia,
Please love our imperfict America. Sorry US is the most exceptional Nation in the world. Get over it.
It's wonderful you "spiritually-su perior" Rushkies know us wild'n'wooly westerners do the clean-up for unexceptionally advanced You, in contrast with US honestly superior (and arrogantly-so) diss-orderly losers.
So please pardon our American Pride, but US knows we're exceptional. Please visit. Bring money. US is broke.


Charles Hagberg 22.03.2014 06:16

Hahahaha USA, LOSERS! Democracy in the USA is cruel, ironic shadow of real democracy in Russia. For the US-media infused dumbies on here, the referendum in Crimea was legitimately voted upon by a landslide, democratically, 97%, by 87% of the voters. USA is done, your president is a joke, Russia has won again, Putin is a champ. He should actually do the USA a favour and snap Obam-dumb-asses neck and help you all out.
From your friendly, and anti-american, proud Canadian neighbor


Renate Kals 21.03.2014 18:08

Sooooo many comments ! Congratulations to Putin, he has a clever head on his shoulders !


Chubby Major 21.03.2014 13:57

Do you wish to hear one and a half Russian joke?

This is the old one:
Q1: When was the first Russian election held?
A1: The time that God set Eve in front of Adam and said: "Go ahead, choose your wife".

And this is the new one:
Q2: Comrade Stalin! You sent thousands of wagons of wheat to comrade Hitler (and to his fat generals), to the mortal enemy of the glorious Motherland, the last one even on June 21st 1941. How come, that you did not provide any food to the Ukrainians, your brothers, in the years 1932-1933?


Bambi Bukowski 21.03.2014 12:30

Crimea voted to become part of Russia. It appears the Russians and Putin know more about practicing democracy than Obama… though that's a very low bar to clear.

I wonder if the dispute was between the US and Mexico or the US and Canada if the US would welcome Russian intervention? Something tells me, "not".


Samson Marufu 21.03.2014 10:19

This is how Russia will loose the game, the USA has been causing chaos in all oil rich nations and is busy robbing them in daylight. The sunctions will target Russian oil companies and put down the Mighty Russia's ecnomy. The wars hev benefited the West in reducing their dependance on Russian oil and when it is time, they say f*** GAZPROM!


Kenneth Allen 21.03.2014 08:29

If the USA insists on imposing more sanctions on Russia then I think Russia should take back Alaska, don't know what they would do with that ethnic pit bull terrier, Sarah Palin though


Abdullaahi Abdi 21.03.2014 05:48

Crimea it was a part of russia and if they come back together let them do as they want it is their chioce


Abdullaahi Abdi 21.03.2014 05:47

I really don't know why american and eu corncerning crimea and russia reunification , america deliberatly attackibg and destorying other nations with out a reason


Carlos Gomez 21.03.2014 04:12

I just hope they dont start throwing bombs at each others... have Obama and Putin settle everything on a debate, basketball match, tennis, wrestling or whatever...

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