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Putin to Cameron: No evidence Syria chemical weapons attack took place

26.08.2013 18:30

Russia has no evidence of whether a chemical weapons attack has taken place in Syria or who is responsible, Russian President Vladimir Putin told British Prime Minister David Cameron in a telephone call, according to Cameron’s official website.

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Santina 27.08.2013 08:08

We do not receive a fair coverage from our media about world events, even more evident from the reporting re Syria, I feel so ashamed of our Govts support for the US to invade another country, and feel deeply for the Syrian people. Thankyou RT for your reporting and thankyou Russia for supporting Snowden. Australia.


Dan Hughes 27.08.2013 07:49

So Putin decides there was no gas attack.What about all the doctors on the attack site who said there was a gas attack?Putin is trying to tell us that these doctors are wrong?For god's sake when will he face reality


Babeouf 27.08.2013 07:23

Western governments have decided on regime change in Syria. They are not interested in evidence or guilt or any of the usual bourgeois twaddle. Everyone knows what the West is going to do Bomb,Bomb, Bomb. What they don't know is what ,if anything, Russia is going to do. Other than appeal to 'Fair Play'.


fran7 27.08.2013 07:05

Without absolute solid evidence it would be wrong to intervene in Syria and totally illegal as it is a sovereign country and USA or EU who are arming the anarchist cannibal rebels are thus helping to create the death and destruction there. " ONLY FOOLS RUSH IN WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD "


NickF 27.08.2013 07:03

Russia I'm a friend, but I have an advice to give. Please do not give any more false hope to any nation and country facing the US, NATO military force. Because ultimately you will not help. I'm disappointed very much because you are not protecting the country where your one and only military base in Mediterranean is. Why ??

Why this is not explained to the people that are fighting on the ground ?
That they are on they own. And that nobody will help.


Sergey Gagloev 27.08.2013 05:26

@Saliss Haruna, and there are no friends or friendship in politics.


MEJanssen 27.08.2013 04:42

Russia is going to do whatever is good for Russia. But the West thinks it is good to back Saudia Arabia who pays the terrorist Doku Umarov to blow up innocents in Southern Russia every month. And we wonder why Putin does not cooperate with us? What favors have we done for him, lately?


Danny 27.08.2013 04:11

Russia is going to do what ever gets under the United State's skin. It's not very helpful to the world, or mankind for that matter.


KOS 27.08.2013 03:06

Only Russia and China could have stopped the impending doom that is slouching inexorably towards Syria but for some reason, they are going to let it happen... Iran and Lebanon are next - Russia after that.

Like Chamberlain and Hitler and the Nazis - it's better to fight them sooner rather than later after all your allies have been picked off - pay attention to history Mr. Putin.


KOS 27.08.2013 03:03

USrael/NATO has to blow up Syria quickly before the facts are known - like Iraq...

Yet another epic war crime is about to be perpetrated on the people of Syria - stuff the UN in the garbage can of history like the League of Nations before it -- it has been usurped by the forces of evil i.e. the American Corporate empire and has been rendered useless as a mechanism of peace when the American empire and its lackeys want war and lots of it - more the better.

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