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Putin orders ‘combat readiness’ tests for western, central Russian troops

26.02.2014 12:23

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered an urgent military drill to test the combat readiness of the armed forces across western and central Russia. The drill included troops dealing with mock security and terrorist threats.

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haroonramoz 02.03.2014 22:43

Because of October 1917 revolution ( Zionist ,Jews,Khazerian,Beas t revolution ) over 40 Million Russian lost thier lives ...Russian people please do not forgat this ,do not let the Animals(Zionist ) take over your land.


Luis Fors 28.02.2014 00:35

Will love to see how our fearless African-American President will react if President Putin sends a couple of armored divisions into Ukraine.


Wizard2579 27.02.2014 16:56

Tony Blair 27.02.2014 16:06

Russia is only protecting its southern borders. This trouble will spread into the islamic states in southern russia. The US & idiot europeans are responsible for stirring this up. They wont be happy until we have WW3.


201 4, I mean 1914, here we go: everything from the beginning.

You know what would spark a war now? If someone assasinated the so-called acting president of Ukraine, the eurodog installed couple of days ago...


Tony Blair 27.02.2014 16:06

Russia is only protecting its southern borders. This trouble will spread into the islamic states in southern russia. The US & idiot europeans are responsible for stirring this up. They wont be happy until we have WW3.


Shaka Zulu 27.02.2014 14:31

@Chris McKay: who invited the US to hold a candle for Ukrainian fascists, 10000kms from the US, yet you are unwilling to reign in your 12th century Saudi pitbulls as they export terrorism worldwide??? Which is worse, Russia holding military drills to make its security intentions known to Ukrainian fascists, or the US holding the hand of the same savages behind the slaughter of US citizens on 9/11? US capacity for self immolating stupidity is legendary.


Shaka Zulu 27.02.2014 14:17

elmo36 27.02.2014 11:58

Pretty sure the West has got many more than Russia and China along with many more launch points...


Ty pical western hubris spiced with halfbaked ignorance. The US and Russia have about 1900 nukes each on permanent high alert that can be fired at short notice or within 3 minutes of an order. Total stockpile is Russia 8500 and US 7700. China is unknown but is thought to be 400 to..erh...3000. Just like the US, Russia and China have multiple launch platforms, some you know nothing about. The US couldn't even figure out that a third rate tyrant, Saddam, had no WMD.


Terry Mckinney 27.02.2014 13:35

Just like the US does in South Korea every few years.Now NATO is making noise that they want the Ukraine to join NATO.Rember Cuba.Well,Ukraine is even closer to Russia that Cuba ever was and the US was willing to go global over Russian missiles in Cuba.Duplicity is the watch word of American politics.


Chris McKay 27.02.2014 13:27

[quote name='Joker' time='27.02.2014 13:19']The General consensus amongst all comments on every website I have ever read, says world war three will come.

I wish it not in my life time; but if wishes were horses, fools will ride!

Russi a has shown enormous restraint, if she fights there is no other option, of this I am sure..............[/ quote]

Rest raint? how so? holding military drills seemingly preparing for invasion is provocative if anything. If she fights she can either get shredded in a conventional war, or Start the apocalypse(which the human race is long overdue), Russia can't do anything really.


Chris McKay 27.02.2014 13:11

[quote name='Shaka Zulu' time='27.02.2014 11:24']

[/q uote]

Oh no you guys are so tough please don't threaten us with Armageddon, there is seriously nothing less scary to the imagination than everyone dying at once, which is what any kind of nuclear war would end up as.

Well done in having an Armageddon button guys but it would do us more harm just to nuke yourselves and die instantly an leave us to a slow death in the nuclear winter. Nuclear weapons are literally the most retarded idea ever and only Russia and the USA could be stupid enough to stockpile such ridiculous amounts.


Chris McKay 27.02.2014 13:01

[quote name='john robert roworth' time='27.02.2014 12:16'][/quote]

And the american air support cutting off German supply lines had nothing to do with it, Hitler was killing Russians at a crazy ratio, due to superior firepower/tactics, without the Americans the nazi's would of conquered Russia, and then the British empire. The Russians shedding blood obviously had a massive hand in the war, but Russian blood wasn't the only cause of victory.

No westerners want a war, but there are alot of Russians talking about invading Ukraine, and we would be honor bound to get involved if you guys started playing aggressor.

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