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Putin: Syria chemical attack is ‘rebels' provocation in hope of intervention’

06.09.2013 12:34

The alleged chemical weapons use in Syria is a provocation carried out by the rebels to attract a foreign-led strike, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the G20 summit.

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Terry Ferebee 12.09.2013 02:24

The Rothschild terrorist entity called Israel needs to be required to have all of their chemical weapons removed and turned over to the U. N. Gentile Israeli (Khazars) have used chemical weapons on the seminic Palestinians. When will the terrorist Mossad be held accountable?


Roxy Chick 11.09.2013 16:26

Look at Putin, what a handsome strong leader, look at obama a little puney arrogant black man thinking he owns the west isn't his home in africa?


R 10.09.2013 05:20

[quote name='Andrew Stergiou' time='09.09.2013 10:24']

Do you want to know where the Anti-War movement is?
Here it is! Stop the WAR and political repression in America!
America and OBAMA One Big WAR Machine!.
[/quot e]

Most Americans avoid RT News due to the unreasonable amount of anti American and anti Semitic comments posted.

Its one thing to reach out, its another thing to be constantly making threats and derogatory remarks about people.

If ever you want the Americans to come here and be thoughtful, you need to put the lid on the crackpots who roam this site.


fran7 09.09.2013 12:53

The rebels were caught in Turkey recently with chemical weapons for use in Syria but USA very conveniently fail to mention this very important evidence against the terrorist cannibal rebels. The poison gas rebels do not care who they kill in their insane anarchic war against Mr Assad's legitimate government. The terrorist rebels are fighting amongst themselves and as long as they have USA backing the suffering of ordinary Syrians will go on. Kerry cannot provide any evidence that Mr Assad's troops used the disgraceful poison gas but he continues to whip up hysteria FIRE AND BRIMSTONE which is total hearsay RUBBISH.


Andrew Stergiou 09.09.2013 10:24

John Kerry = Vietnam Veterans for the FBI!
Peter King = CIA/MI6
Anonymou s = NSA

Do you want to know where the Anti-War movement is?
Here it is! Stop the WAR and political repression in America!
America and OBAMA One Big WAR Machine!.

J ohn Kerry was never in the Anti-War movement he was a government snitch informer for the government.


Alexander 09.09.2013 03:37

Journey 1ntoTheL1ght 08.09.2013 22:17

I cannot understand why some people really want to see that the War against Syria turned into WW3. The battle between large countries, such as US, Russia, or China, will be completely different from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, because these countries possess superior technologies, such as Scalar Wave Energy weapon, etc, which have not been used previously in the battlefield.


The Scalar Wave Laser also cures goat polio. :)


Edwin Pell 08.09.2013 03:37

Of course it was a flase flag attack. The only question is will Russia ever decide to defend itself. Will it be at the Syrian border, the Iranian border, the Ruusian border, or will the bear roll over and die without a fight?


heyhey1956 07.09.2013 22:29

When are these stupid people going to wake up to the fact of who really controls not only America but the entire world?? Watch these Y/T videos "America Controlled By The Jesuits Of Rome" and this one "The Jesuits Control America From Georgetown University" also Google this site "Pictures of Papal Infiltration" and take a good long look at those pictures on that site also this one "ROME: A Few Photos of Their World Power" As they say all roads lead to Rome!


The Rus 07.09.2013 03:19

Garrett G Glynn 07.09.2013 00:08

for justice and freedom from religious oppression, and tyrannical governments. And on the other hand Putin stands for what sort of reason fits the occasion.


The US is tyranical. USA Like Nazis is changed. I live here!
When a country is filled with different nationalities, religions etc cant please all.
For a society to flourish it needs common morality, laws/= respect for each other, their religions, customs etc.
Not force or flaunt your philosophy etc on others.
Adults choose path in life.
The majority of a society rules.Not abnormal fringe


The Rus 07.09.2013 03:08

Garrett G Glynn 07.09.2013 00:20

@The Rus "we will bleed them and they will blow away." Evan your comments are somewhat provocative. Please keep in mind...the facts, which included the military might of the U.S and what our country represent as well as what the Syrain people represent as one of the first nations to accept Christianity as their official religion.


That quote was by a top Israeli politician in regards to there attitude to the USA not that long ago.
It is indeed very provacative. I will find the official that said that and post his name. They using US for their agenda only


John Ellis 07.09.2013 02:54

Could Putin have made the truth any more self-evident and clear. Not hardly, for the Syrian military was winning the war and if President Assad had ordered a chemical weapons attack on his own people, then by a coup d'état he would have been replaced.

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