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Putin: Deploying military force is last resort, but we reserve right

04.03.2014 08:03

Russia will not go to war with the people of Ukraine, but will use its troops to protect citizens, if radicals with clout in Kiev now try to use violence against Ukrainian civilians, particularly ethnic Russians, Putin told the media.

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jesse 08.08.2014 21:06

Russia is a Super Power and should go in for the sake of the people let alone the security of his country period no I mean period..


Stefan 06.03.2014 12:49

But at the same time he warned that what happens in Ukraine now may be a replacement of one group of crooks with another, citing the appointments of certain wealthy businessmen with questionable reputations.
Yes , the UN should be aware of this. Putin must talk to Arseniy Yatsenyuk and come to an agreement for fair and transparent talks. The UN must monitor results of decision making. Putin don't drive a wedge between Ukrainian and Russian speaking people in Ukraine. Please withdraw your forces. I will certainly have a chat with you to help the situation if you contact me.


Stefan 06.03.2014 12:41

He considers that he has no counterpart in Kiev now, so he personally has no partner to communicate with. Look Putin you should be working with the interim Ukrainian government. If necessary ask for the UN to act as referee.
You don't want someone like Viktor with his multi million rouble Dacha.


Stefan 06.03.2014 12:37

We are not going to a war against the Ukrainian people,” he said. “I want you to understand it unambiguously. If we do take a decision, it would only be to protect Ukrainian citizens. Putin should talk with the interim Ukrainian government and decide how to move forward to stabilise the situation. I can't see the need for battle tanks and thousands of soldiers.


Ladislav Pandy 06.03.2014 09:55

Mr. Putin is acting as a good brother to Ukraine. Blood is thicker than water. I have a very positive feeling concerning the protection he is providing in the unstabilised region. It is true that soviet armies invaded East Europe too, but today we are ruled by a different sinister agenda. Stalin stopped the illuminati bankers from controlling Russia. Had he not suffered mentally under such pressure, and had he abandoned Marxism as the leading ideology he could have created a nicer world ...


nosunshine 06.03.2014 08:32

The whole world (excepet Russia) knows that there are Russian soldiers precenese in Ukraine. Still Mr Putin says no(?) , it only makes him looks like the fool he is. And why point to what other country does, be better then instead.
No other country than Russia has screamed so many other times in other conflicts that there is no right for any other country to intfere in their buisness.....what happened with that now??


Erwin Fletcher 06.03.2014 03:52

Russia is so desperate in seeking super power status, by trying to gobble up tiny slivers of the old Soviet Union. Sorry Putin, but Russia will never become a super power! They have only 1/10th the military power of the US and Less than half the population. Combined with NATO, Putin's dream of being a super power are simply just a dream. Putin wishes he was Stalin, but sorry, just a power hungry baboon-looking guy who thinks he tough (has a sissy voice And flabby chest) in a dying autocratic country that has no idea what life is outside of the prison called Russia.


Николај Николајевич 06.03.2014 00:55

Chris Jackson 05.03.2014 22:15

Exc ept the fact that Russia has invaded a sovereign country and created a false pretext for said invasion.


[q uote name='Chris Jackson' time='05.03.2014 22:15']

Exc ept the fact that Russia has invaded a sovereign country and created a false pretext for said invasion. [/quote]

An d the US haven't? Hahaha you hipocrit, what about Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Korea, Yugoslavia? Are you really that ignorant or just plain rude?


Jane 06.03.2014 00:38

Global climate change will have the last word.


Anna Charles 05.03.2014 22:06

The battle for the hearts and minds of the world has begun.
Whose version of events to follow when the information is so fragmented and contradictory.
I n this psychological battle I presume the winners will be the ones in control of the time-line.
So far President Putin is coming out on top. Certainly his name is trending more than any other.... added to the trending of Sochi and all things olympic and it appears even the gods are smiling down on him.


Jusup Wilkosz 05.03.2014 21:45

Why don't you upload the complete press conference with Putin?


Taju Olaniyi 05.03.2014 18:29

My dear Putin, can you now understand what Iran is passing true in the hand of American propaganda.

Russian now have a taste of their own action against Iran for supporting American illegal sanctions all this years.


LisaAgnes 05.03.2014 17:55

the unknown and unrecognized souls of gentlewomen seeking shelter
what they bring with them only time will tell


LisaAgnes 05.03.2014 17:17

I think the silver might pile up around your feet
refugees, turning almost imperceptibly in the psychic soul space
away from the land of the raw meat eaters
towards something else
something that can give them health and peace
I think the silver might pile up around your feet


Waschlaff Duschmann 05.03.2014 15:19

Chris Switzer 05.03.2014 14:45

We will Nuke you all you realize this


Re alize this: Russian submarine Dmitri Donskoi (TK-208), Typhoon-class submarine Project 941 or "Akula".

Armament: 20 × Bulava SLBMs (submarine-launched ballistic missiles).

So... you nuke them and then what? Ever heard of a concept of mutually assured destruction? Hey, i was born and grew up during the cold war, no problem. If you want it back, okay. But seriously... do you want that?


Ricardo Koch 05.03.2014 14:48

@[quote name='Bevan Cumbes'

If you have something like a memory, and you analyse what happened in the world the last 20 Years, and you are also able to remember who were the actors of the global politics during this time period - So you will recognize really soon who is speaking the truth. If you can not recognize that, you dont have a memory or any cognitive skills at all. When US invaded Irak, Afganistan, and bombed Serbia and Lybia our "free" press in the west did not made so much noise. Why not? So what you think now, who is telling the truth? If you still believe it is barack Banana, so I cant help you!


Bevan Cumbes 05.03.2014 14:23

S DC Thomy 05.03.2014 09:20

Dear RT TV watcher… ...the propaganda in Russia is getting ridiculous, would the situation not be so tragic for Ukraine, I would say your Propaganda is Funny. Use your Brain Russian People, open your Mind, get out there and don´t always believe what TV said. I was In the Ukraine. I have family there... there are Russian Military there. There are no Nazi (not more than in Moscow). No Russian get attacked. Believing is ok, Knowing is better.


See to debunk the fake Russian news.

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