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Putin warns against 'illegal' military action in Syria, bypassing UNSC

04.09.2013 05:18

Russia needs convincing proof, not rumors, from UN experts that chemical weapons were used in Syria, said the Russian president in an interview with First Channel and AP. It is up to the UN Security Council to decide on the next course of action, he said.

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Jessika 24.09.2013 02:09

Its too bad America doesn't have a leader with as strong a sense of values and integrity as Vladimir Putin.
Regardles s of his views, at least the man stands for what he believes in and does so in an intelligent and articulate manner.
We're stuck with a president (hardly) that lives off lies predicated on his belief that his foolish American sycophants will never rise against him for fear of being viewed as racist minions of a right wing agenda.
God help America!


Patrick Luft 19.09.2013 01:24

Putin is the only person allowing this war to go on for so long if he wasn't so greedy maybe less people would have died.


Syed Azmathullah Khaderi 08.09.2013 18:51

TV channels have been reporting , white material packages labelled as medical materials from Qatar were delivered in Syria. Those materials must have been supplied for the chemical attack. Qatar has been the promoter and provender for the rebels, and now Obama and Kerry are bluffing that it was Assad who used that material. It is is criminal desperation to supply it, then make the rebels use it, and then accuse Assad to have used it on his citizens. The material has been documented and shown also on CCTV but because no one knows Arabic nobody detected the conspiracy.


marcus 06.09.2013 04:52

It interesting that Saudia Arabia and Katar is never mentioned. They are the ones along with turkey that are responsibile for supplying and funding the terrorists entering Syria. This is the elephant in the room


Gnollrunner 06.09.2013 04:42

Christopher Jannette 05.09.2013 02:50

I get what Putin is saying, however, I am also aware he is protecting his own financial interests in Syria as Russia has made a sizable investment in Assad Incorporated aka. The Syrian Regime.


Fi nancial interests or not, in my view he's still on the right side of this argument, and many people with no financial interests in Syria agree with him. Evidently the majority of Americans also agree with him. This war is being rammed down our throats.


Dan Qazalbash 05.09.2013 21:28

Let's be clear on this.

It is a disaster that is happening in Syria-all the world including US and Russia have failed to stop this catastrophe. Both countries should share the responsibility for this. I do not know what the answer is - sometimes I think why doesn't someone intervene militarily, we should wait like Russia says, for the UN results but all the time people are dying. Yes, I remember the dodgy dossier WMD Bush/Blair etc etc-awful lies. However, let's not forget that Russia has it's own human rights issues-Putin's government is not as squeaky clean as it makes out it is. If you look you will find this out.


Sandra Lara Herrera 05.09.2013 20:10

Scary that this cannot be resolve amicably by all involved.
You all know that whether we agree or disagree, the U.S. war against Syria will happen.
In fact, no media coverage regarding a nuclear plant that our Tomahawk missiles may hit....we'll all be nuked!


Azad Tazmin 05.09.2013 18:39

It is high time that Russia defends Syria. After all Syria is a Russian ally and just like the NATO members who would help if a another NATO country is attacked, Russia should take counter measures, let it be politcally or militarily, Syria must be defended by Russia at all cost. Russia must show the American President and its military where the limits are.
President Putin must show to the rest of the world. what Russia is capable of. If America attacks Syria, the next target would be Iran and finally Russia. This is their end strategy.


Ekaterina Carlsson 05.09.2013 11:43

I am so sick and tired of this arrogant, selfish and synical country which is calld the USA and which has assumed the role of would police. There was a time when I liked the USA . now I wish them all the worst. Europian countries who love to lick Americas asses are no better!


Lawrence Henni 05.09.2013 08:44

Would it be an obstruction of justice to withhold evidence of a crime, a chemical weapons war crime, from an international court of law, or any court of law?


sandra 05.09.2013 08:29

Yes, Kerry lies, right to your face with a smile on it. Empty promises to bring you in. It is a fun game that is totally unnecessary. Kerry made Assad believe they were on good terms. Kerry the ketchup man does this to any person willing to fall into his psychotic trap. Hands will be shaken, pictures taken, you will be kissed, hugged and bowed down to even in the public eye to make it authentic to you to control you.


Roedy Green 05.09.2013 08:23

It is amusing Americans and Russians talking about the legality of attacking Syria. The USA illegally attacked Afghanistan and Iraq and I don't think I ever once saw media mention the illegality. Every comment I posted mentioning it was pulled. People did not want to hear that those who participated were technically war criminals, even if the USA would protect them from prosecution for the near future.

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