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Putin: US should present Syria evidence to Security Council

31.08.2013 09:54

Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared ‘utter nonsense’ the idea that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons on its own people and called on the US to present its supposed evidence to the UN Security Council.

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Roxy Chick 02.09.2013 15:39

Obama is arrogance personified and uses his skin colour to promote his authority in the world. I look forward to the day, if it happens, that China rules the world and then we will see america having sanctions put on it...hopefully by the Russians and Chinese and about time too! Mr Putin is a hero God Bless him and Long Life to him and his strong leadership, Mr Putin we are all behind you please do the right thing and continue with pressing for evidence and do not allow the americans to get away with it.


Jermaine Kosier 02.09.2013 05:05

what you mean the evidence that was most likey planted?


mijj 01.09.2013 21:42

the Word of Truth that issues from the Political Hierarchy is Religious Decree. (Similar, in essence, to the Religious Decree that the Earth is the Center of the Cosmos.)

To suggest Evidence be used to determine Truth is Blasphemy.


FreedomFighter 01.09.2013 18:15

I have a Creepy feeling if Obama can't get Approval to attack Syria a False Flag terrorist attack will justify it. Just like Bush couldn't get approval to go to war with Iraq until 9/11 happened


T 01.09.2013 11:41

We are now at a point in History where Orthodox Russia's (not Khazar Communist USSR) moment has arrived. WW III is being forced upon the Muslim & Orthodox Worlds just like it was forced upon Europe in the Summer of 1914 and like it was forced upon N.S. Germany in the '30's. This chemical attack is another false flag just like 9/11, 7/7 & many others prior and post. Cui bono? The Khazar led state of Israel & those who wish to transfer the status of ruling state from USA to Israel. They have a messianic obssession to rule the world from Jerusalem. They & their useful idiots will commit monstrosities to achieve this.


John Carpenter 01.09.2013 11:37

RT - thanks for the anti-spam button. It's working!


John Carpenter 01.09.2013 11:34

Mariya Prosto 01.09.2013 08:50

Maybe it was a bribe, the U.S. did not attack other countries?


I think is was an expression of relief that Bush was gone, like a hostage kissing her rescuer. Obama had done nothing at that point to judge by.


John Carpenter 01.09.2013 11:27

Cheyanne Cody 01.09.2013 10:45

Obama is incompetence personified.

Jimmmy Carter is ecstatic.


Your mother misspelled "Cheyenne"


Geoff King 01.09.2013 11:21

Destabilization of the Middle East is a big part of the Globalists plan. Call them big banks/corporations, the New World Order, or the Illuminati. They are calling the shots here. Keeping those countries under constant threat of war means they can sell weapons to both sides as well as control their economies. After a while, they will no longer need to control the US military to achieve their goals, and the fall of America will be next on their agenda. All the while, the ignorant masses will remain unaware of what is really happening and just go on pointing fingers at each other. Wake up people!


Cheyanne Cody 01.09.2013 10:45

Obama is incompetence personified.

Jimmmy Carter is ecstatic.


Geoff King 01.09.2013 10:35

Attack Syria because of alledged chemical weapon use, forcing Iran to become involved. Iran is trying to sell oil for other than dollars. The elite bankers can not allow that. Iran may attack Isreal, causing NATO to attack them with full force. Iran will be neutralized, and the dollar will reign supreme. Yep, sounds like the New World Order agenda is right on schedule.


Aleoden Maki Casan 01.09.2013 10:08

Mr. Putin you are absolutely right and the true peace loving people support you.


rogirl 01.09.2013 09:52

President Putin is so right in saying present Syria evidence to Security Council. The USA is not the policeman of the world even tho' they indicate they are by bypassing international rules. The USA has no right to attack a legal sovereign state under any circumstances.


Ade Chapman 01.09.2013 09:45

I Like that comment! Putin Yes He Can !


svenja 01.09.2013 09:32

Putin - yes, he can!


Geoff King 01.09.2013 09:25

Em 01.09.2013 08:30

Western intervention in Syria has nothing to do with this current "chemical weapons" propaganda campaign or any other human rights issue. When OPEC nations begin to accept currencies other than the dollar for oil products it will almost certainly be the end of America's dominance in the world economy.


Yes, and it is the Rockefellers and Rothchilds that print and own all that money, not the US government. They are the ones causing these petrowars.

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