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‘Slaves worked to death’ building Qatar’s World Cup paradise – report

26.09.2013 15:52

One construction worker a day dies as Qatar seeks to build facilities for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. That’s the finding of The Guardian newspaper, which characterizes the conditions facing migrant workers in the country as “slave labor.”

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Yuu 29.04.2014 12:55

razy 26.09.2013 19:05

US support of these middle Ages systems make people in all over the world hate us American.


Na h not really. In Europe we are too busy hating you for firing up WW3 in Ukraine that we don't have the time to worry about the wars you are starting all the time in the Middle East, really.

I thought that you were gonna be nice fellas now with your black president in charge but we were wrong...

On ly wars, unrest and spying of your own allies civilian population. that's we get in Western Europe... and you call us "friends". .. Russia is the only one making sense here!


Anup Kumar 11.11.2013 16:31



Erkan A Dolovac 07.10.2013 06:35

to all the people critisizing qatar, qatari people or islam, please shut up, the fault is of all the western companies that are managing these projects, and are allowing these things to occur, 2.5 milion people live in qatar and only 300k are qataris, they pay all the westerners really good money, and they do stuff all,


Wangyal Dingo 29.09.2013 17:11

Fifa should investigate & punish Qatar for violating the labor law.. If they find any evidence than they should stripped the 2022 world cup contract.. Shame on you Fagots Qatar Government.. This is 21st century.. This is unacceptable.. U guys live in desert with camels that's way u thought this 18th century.. Wake up faggots:(


George Rizk 29.09.2013 16:20

Rag-head Arab nations are too stubborn to change and reform. Just look at their dress code that has not change since Jesus time. This kind rigidity must be FORCED to change. An invasion to reform their old fashion tradition is a great option. Open bars, strip clubs, and syniguoges all over? Force women to wear miniskirts, and men to eat pork.


groingo 29.09.2013 14:13

Several times over the years the US TV networks have done specials on the horrible working conditions in Qatar and the US Government repeatedly said it would do something about it...and again more broken promises.


Cat 29.09.2013 09:46

This bring to mind that old saying: " Many must live horrible lives of pain and suffering so that the greedy, selfish, worthless few can enjoy the finest foods, the most lavish homes and the most beautiful women". But please, let's not forget that other ancient saying: " Most people were born to crawl on their knees and kiss the filth on their master's shoes". Gee, isn't life great!!!


Ken 29.09.2013 07:33

And here I thought Islamic countries were leading the way in employment practices. I guess not.


Simon waters 29.09.2013 05:20

I work for one of the largest UK consultancies who pride themselves on equality and their policy states they respect their workings. Well two years ago they changed their policy and now enforce the Kafala system. This is not something that is known by many people outside the Middle East.

Staff are not paid the national average and basically, pay rises are few and far between and allowances do not cover the cost of living. Basically working here puts can put you in debt.

Serio usly consider working here, all companies are the same, even the company that you thought you knew.


Brian Swart 28.09.2013 00:24

Not as brutal with the London Olympics but they pretty much built all of that with EU cheap labour and avoided Britsh tradesman. £6 per hour in London what utter greed. Capitalism a rat eating its own tail.


Lingam 27.09.2013 15:49

Remember, "Friends of the Rotschild Mafia" always get a free pass. Their opponents or enemies: Never!
Their enemies are slandered, boycotted and attacked by their henchmen in the media, banking and government.


George Rizk 27.09.2013 15:05

Why do Muslims always talk about what the prophet have said or done 1500 years ago in lawless desert environment. Typically, you hired me to do some work for some price, once I finish, you pay regardless what your prophet said or done.


roslan 27.09.2013 12:40

This is why God had placed God's last Messanger in this part of the world. Pre-Islam, they were savages,barbaric, bury infant girls after birth, harem, wine that goes with all other negative activities, these are facts, sincerely from RB.


Amarsanaa Baljinnyam 27.09.2013 10:58

Thanks for the Guardian.Never thought those Rich Arab Gulf states such as Qatar, UAE, SA are so terrible.If they can't pay, what is use of their being rich.Richness on slavery,exploitation is unacceptable in modern society.I actually knew those Arabs are much different.They are lazy and loud.


Ilyas Haniff 27.09.2013 10:10

Prophet says'' pay your labourers wages before their sweat get dreied''.


TJ 27.09.2013 10:09

Boycott the games and the despicable dictators of that country. It cannot be happening without the knowledge of their government (and also the indifferent people), yet they will blame some contractors or subcontractors and wash their hands off the problem.


Live on your knees or die fighting 27.09.2013 09:53

If football is played in Qatar then the world should boycott the games - this is a dispicably corrupt country.

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