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Al-Qaeda-linked rebels attack Christian village in Syria

04.09.2013 23:46

An Al-Qaeda-linked group attacked a predominantly Christian village sympathetic to the Assad regime in western Syria on Wednesday while rebel and government forces clashed in Damascus.

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virgis 03.12.2013 00:50

rebels?who gives them money?who support them?i hope President A.will push them back and christians will live in peace again


Peter Engels 06.09.2013 12:42

i have seen terrible photos of cristians tourcherd..the frightening photos i have ever seen..religion it should be only a personal decission and not a reason for masskilling who ever does it to whom ..bad has to go away from that planet before it is too late.


Joy Difede Weybrecht 05.09.2013 22:30

To Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea and Mrs. Calabash where ever you are...our governemt with out the concent of the people are supporting the rebels that are killing christians this is the first time in my life...and every male in my family fought in WWII..that I am so ashamed of my country. and embarassed to call myself an American I am not alone there are many people who feel the same many.I do not want war..Congress is getting notified by people that they do not want war 499 to 1 Why would I give money to people who eat Christians hearts on you tube.To the Syrian people I'm sorry


Em 05.09.2013 20:49

Neocons: Fake Christian fanatcs
Zionists : Fake Jewish fanatics
Jahidis t:: Fake Islamic fanatics
All of the above: Lords of propaganda, and their fools.


Lawrence Huff 05.09.2013 15:18

It seems like a lot of commentators get into fantasies . . . Anyways, I believe the reason the US has been so hesitant to give support is precisely because of the islamist element among the rebels. The whole world is appaled by the butchery and bombing of the present regime. But the intollerance of the islamists is just as ugly in a different way. HUMANITY does not know that all are brothers on the soul level.


Ishaq 05.09.2013 14:19

In fact, the Government of Assad (Shia Muslim) is secular and they are kind to Christian minorities in Syria. That's why Syrian Christians are still supporting the Assad government. But US & NATO have no eyes to see the situation of Christians in Syria. The Sunni fundamentalist regimes of Saudi, Qatar etc are not secular and they want to remove the secular Assad from power. The end of Christianity in Syria is just begun - Al-Qaeda & US will elemenate the Christians, their history and culture.


Dumi Oaches 05.09.2013 13:51

u obama were atacked by therorrists at the worldtradcenter ????? now u are with them ??? or did u do that n u still support the alqaida around the globe ??????? what a f ki. ng bas tards the american politic is


Ashot Oganyan 05.09.2013 12:53

I wish that there was a Christian brigade I could join to go and fight these zionists and wahhabis... I`d give it all up cars girls all this american bullshit just to go and fight instead of read and feel sick to my stomach


MEJanssen 05.09.2013 12:25

@ Ruby Renae, absolutely. Syria will now be "cleansed" of all Christians and 2000 year old churches and villages will be bulldozed. The US government supports ethnic cleansing in Israel and now in Syria. We have joined the Al Qaeda Army.


marcus 05.09.2013 11:22

The sole purpose of the Zionist for the last 100 years was the destruction of Christianity. To quote ambassador from Austria to the UK in London, Count Mensdorf "Israel won the war (WW 1), we made it, we thrived on it, we profited from it. It was our supreme revenge on Christianity" It destroyed the morals of Christian Europe, and Germany. It ended the Austrian Monarchy. then they did it again with WW II. All of Christian sites of religious significants in the Middle east is occupied. The birthplace of Christianity, Antioch, is about to be destroyed. Its not just about oil and money


Victor Logan 05.09.2013 08:50

Arab Spring......LOL


Siriro Mashoro 05.09.2013 05:55

They fight alcaeda but in Syria they created al caeda and they are busy funding and arming them to the extent that they want them to rule Syria.


Reza Hashemi 05.09.2013 04:31

Alqaida is the CIA .... wake up people


John 05.09.2013 03:54

Please let the world know that Obama is out of control. We, the people of the United States, do NOT want to interfere with the civil war in Syria.
Yes, the use of WMDs is a violation of international law, but so is attacking a sovereign nation without UN approval (unless imminent threat to ones own nation is at hand). Syrian chemical weapons (from either side) are no immidiate threat to the US or our allies, so there is NO legal justification for us to strike Sryia.


Rey Jaso 05.09.2013 03:19

The conflict in Syria is nothing more than a war between natural resources, and religion. The jesuit-puppet politicians in the west and allies carry out the goal of the jesuits in their pursuance of global domination killing muslims and christians. This has always been their goal since the inception of the Company of Jesus aka The Society of Jesus, which has nothing to do with Jesus.


william 05.09.2013 02:56

Obama is the Anti Christ, no birth cirtificate
to prove who he really is and no compassion
for those who die in the Middle East.
The only hope for this World is through GOD when he returns with his SON.
The Islamists can be defeated but action needs to be done now with those countries who have the power to do so. All serving soldiers and military men who are watching
there Government support the rebels and
Islamists must wonder what is going on.


Dimitri 05.09.2013 01:15

US is build on upon people's insatiable desire to believe.
US utilizes that by giving them messages such as 'world peace', 'saving lives', blah, blah, blah. If needed pays them cash.

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