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UK record labels launch unprecedented anti-Torrent campaign

16.05.2013 11:42

The third and biggest wave of sanctions aimed against Torrent and music file-sharing websites is sweeping the internet, with 25 online addresses set to be blocked by the British Recorded Music Industry trade body.

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Tom Zee 24.07.2014 00:31

"signing up new bands, and a whole plethora of ideas and culture.”?
Wha t culture? What ideas?
Less than 1% of all the UAS/UK pop chart is using bands they can control. These idiots are spoon fed coke freaks! And there is no talent or culture in todays Industrialised pop charts, It fell from grace after 2000. What is left is a cesspool of 4/4 beat tunes with lots of dower "rap clap" and it makes me sick to see these Idiots making videos to compensate for their unhealthy attempts of making music! What they pass on to the kids of today is rancid! give me some zappa, santana, roxy music, anything but rap


gun28 15.11.2013 16:07

They shut one down ... ten new ones get born. These parasites made billions in the past, and finnaly their kingdom is ending, i couldn't be more happy!


Steve Smith 05.09.2013 20:16

A torrent site providing links can get shut down but you can Google a torrent sites torrent links? Surely google contributes to the issue not that I actually consider it a problem, more........ a benefit ;)


Anonymous 05.09.2013 14:49

Anonymous user 22.05.2013 08:35

Copyright is essential, whether cheap people like it or nt. Its time and money consuming to create.


Here's a shock: Not everyone who pirates music is cheap. I know several people who have pirated music when they have no income and later purchase the songs through legitimate channels because they WANT to support the group.

Anonymous user 22.05.2013 08:48

No wy is ther a RIGHT to access someones creative work.thats like saying FOI to snoop around ur home

Anonymous user 22.05.2013 08:37

Copyright is essential to ALL the creative industry to keep it alive & to keep ppl creating content.

Anonymous user 22.05.2013 08:35

Copyright is essential, whether cheap people like it or nt. Its time and money consuming to create.

Anonymous user 17.05.2013 10:39

It's not about profit, it's about Freedom of Information. Idea of sharing instead of selling...

Anonymous user 17.05.2013 04:44

15:16 Copyright laws are illegally forced on society to protect BPI profits, majority is against it

Anonymous user 17.05.2013 04:44

15:16 Laws were invented by human society to protect itself, good laws are supported by majority.

Anonymous user 17.05.2013 01:14

How quickly the British forget that they (like Homer’s Greeks) are the descendants of pirates.

Anonymous user 16.05.2013 17:09

stop listening music, i didnot listen music from 3year

Anonymous user 16.05.2013 16:38

The msm is trash. I refuse to lose my freedom and culture to these liars, fascists, and degenerates.

Anonymous user 16.05.2013 15:16

-That's an interesting comment. Can you explain how BPI is an illegal business? Not a fan personally

Anonymous user 16.05.2013 15:12

BPI = rotten to the core... and we pirates are mighty and able... we'll see how this goes! Aaaargh!

Anonymous user 16.05.2013 13:01

"illegal businesses commercially exploiting music"
Look s like BPI gave us exact definition of BPI.

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