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Super Typhoon Haiyan hits Philippines with all-time record winds (VIDEO)

08.11.2013 02:47

One of the most powerful-ever tropical cyclones based on wind speed has hit the Filipino island of Samar, forcing millions to flee the area. At least three people have been killed and seven injured, with the death toll expected to rise, authorities said.

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Quôc Bao Tu Mua 03.12.2013 11:52



SuchN3SS 14.11.2013 10:11

Did the military induce Haiyan with HAARP to acquire acquiescence to TPP? Consider the problem of "global warming". What it ultimately boils down to is an issue of resource management. The TPP is another attack upon the planet and its inhabitants, needlessly misallocating resources for the profiteering of the oligarchs. Often under the veil of a truth an abuser lurks manipulating the truth and siphoning wealth and resources from its implications. Is climate change a convenient veil for weather warfare? Check out "Weather Modification 101"= dutchsinse on You Tube!


Meera Nasser 10.11.2013 12:28

Ya Allah Kareem sa lahat ng Dina anan ng masamang palad


Sheppie Het 09.11.2013 16:18

Its high time Mother Nature stepped in a give Father Time a helping hand. The Phillipines is just a fraction of the action. The planet is filthy... both physical and spiritual and we must go thru death in order for rebirth. Just fasten your seat belts because Mother Nature may be coming to your town next. Yea the universe is going thru a cleansing and a rebirthing cycle now and as bizarre as the weather may seem, this bizarre is NORMAL just as much as CHANGE is normal. There's always a beginning to every end. So bring it on.


richard lockwood 08.11.2013 21:20

Article seems confused. 'The disaster has also sustained wind gusts of 170 mph (275 kph), according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, besting the previous record held by Hurricane Camile, which struck the US in Mississippi with 190 mph (305 kph) winds in 1969.'

Look s to me like Camile still has the record.

How can anyone deny global warming? Bring back the dinosaurs! Uh, but I thought the Russian government was more worried about global cooling. They should be!


Iain Lewis 08.11.2013 18:19

Despite the fact that scientists have publicly admitted that there has been NO global warming for the last 16 years, uninformed people continue to blame freak weather on this stupid, disproven myth. As DF correctly says, ALL the planets in the solar sustem are experiencing bizarre weather - so how can humans be responsible for all that?


D F 08.11.2013 17:22

Rostislav Babiak 08.11.2013 16:38

All global warming deniers...any further questions about the reality of all this ?


Global is not accurate - our entire solar system all the planets are warming.
But they cant suffer carbon tax.


Shan Lee 08.11.2013 15:38

May GOD safe all from this Typhoon


Matinia thomassen 08.11.2013 09:49

Expected to move south china sea.


Jeffrey Golin 08.11.2013 05:58

What if something like this hits Fukushima? Then it's time to bend down and kiss you're sweet a.. goodbye.

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