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Iran news agency slams CNN for ‘fabricating’ Rouhani’s Holocaust remarks

26.09.2013 10:03

Iran’s state-owned Fars claims that CNN has ‘fabricated’ the remarks made by President Hassan Rouhani in response to the question about the Holocaust. The US news channel added to or changed parts of his remarks, the agency said.

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Hussam Imtiaz 29.09.2013 04:21

The NCRI is comprised of 25 committees that act as shadow ministries. The committees are responsible for expert research and planning for future Iran. Visi for more info


Icansee4miles 28.09.2013 14:31

Taqqiya; the first tenet of Shia Islam; lie for the cause! It is good for the world to see what the mentality is of the people we are supposed to negotiate with. Upon his return from the UN, Rouhani was greeted by thrown shoes at Teheran airport, as well as by supporters; which Iran will show up at the negotiating table? President Obama will hope for the best; Israel with its new partner Saudi Arabia will prepare for the worst-and will take out Iran's nuclear program. Read Amazon Kindle's new thriller; The Bahrain Protocol; timely, accurate, and chilling prescient.


SCOTT WILLIAMS 28.09.2013 08:09

Having been a pro-life activist in the 1990s I have long witnessed how the mainstream media promotes lies to distort the truth and silence dissent.

Ab out two dozen of our group protested a pro-abortion political fund raiser in Denver in 1996. The fund raiser was hosted at a Jewish community center.

The next day the Denver Post featured a small article that commented about an "anti-semetic&q uot; demonstration at the Jewish community center.

Mainstream Media: Same old lies, different day.


Synenergy 27.09.2013 15:56

CNN is 99% propaganda, and the remain 1% is for 100% effect. Christiane Amanpour is the sinful mother of all propagandist.


Lingam 27.09.2013 15:24

Christiane Amanpour is NOT to be trusted. If you research her (start on Wiki), you'll find that she is part of the tyrranical Shah's network of relatives and 'nobility'. And check out whom she married.

An derson Cooper (CNN's AC360) is a grandson of John Rockefeller. Over on MSNBC you got Mika Brzezinski, the daughter of Zbigniew Brzezinski - a famous NWO Globalist Neocon. Now Laura Dimon (daughter of JPM's Jamie Dimon) is a Journalist.

It is really obvious that not only is Iran being smeared systematically, but that the NWO Elite use their kids/family as propaganda mouthpieces. We are now an empire of lies.


mike 27.09.2013 14:55

CNN was great under Ted Turner, its original owner. But after its aggressive buyout, it's changed as a Zionist front for brainwashing Americans in favor of endless wars. CNN was central in shaping Americans viewpoint for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and now is doing the same for the invasion of Syria.
It stands for Con [them] Now [or] Never.


Erin Colleen 27.09.2013 14:09

Could you PLEASE hire some decent copy editors? You spell his name properly in the headline and then in the cutline, IMMEDIATELY following, misspell it. Any number of people should have caught the discrepency, including whoever did layout.


Alex 27.09.2013 13:39

CNN, the Creative News Network, often creates controversial news where there is none.


Rob Sinclaire 27.09.2013 12:56

Thank you RT - yours is the kind of reporting that has been lacking in the West for some time (if one were to rely exclusively on the mega media outfits like CNN which I certainly do not). Also, I appreciate the quality/production values you consistently achieve in your programs.


Robert Taylor 27.09.2013 12:10

Iran has attacked no other nation in over 200 years...the U.S. and Israel HAVE. Iran has already signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treat and allowed inspectors into its country....Israel has not. The NNPT allows Iran to develop a nuclear power plant for electricity and for medical isotopes. Personally, at this point, if I were in Iran I would urge the leaders to go ahead and develop nuclear weapons to counter Israel's more than 800 nuclear weapons on land and sea. That region needs a countercheck to Israel's aggressive policies and their psychopathic paranoia.


Harry Hayward 27.09.2013 04:55

Gary Farmer 26.09.2013 16:21

If you live in China and want to know what your countrys' unspoken news is then don't watch Chinese news stations. If you live in Russia don't watch Russian owned news. Sort of comical is it not? The bottom line is watch different news stations and do your best to read between the lines as all governments are controlled not by mass people but Corporate entities.


It was going so well until you confused "controlled&quo t; with "influenced&quo t;.


Harry Hayward 27.09.2013 04:52

paul paul 27.09.2013 00:21

CNN is a Zionist US Government channel.

Wi th people like Wolf Blitzer you know most of it is a lie.


I mistakenly voted this up instead of down, sorry.


paul paul 27.09.2013 00:21

CNN is a Zionist US Government channel.

Wi th people like Wolf Blitzer you know most of it is a lie.


William Webb 26.09.2013 20:39

Someone needs to ask Rouhani for the record, are they developing nuclear energy in secret underground with 1000 advanced uranium enrichment centrifuges? I'm sure with his years of experience in nuclear negotiations he will come up with a brilliant answer!


rt-themonk 26.09.2013 20:21

Why oh why is Farsi translations so difficult. It seems that whenever a damaging statement is made and translated into English...the Iranians say...I never said that. Either he is lying or the expert translators just can't seem to get it right when it comes to Israel. We all now how he feels. We all know what Iran wants to do...genocide. If Israel as a country will any Jew in the Middle East. If it walks like a duck, talk likes a duck, acts like a's a duck


Dave Stuart 26.09.2013 16:26

You should believe in Santa Claus before you ever believe anything CNN spews out.
Lies 'R' Us in a better name for them.


Horus 26.09.2013 15:28

Peoples Learn by possitive example and Progress, not by constant hindrance!

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