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2003-2011: Half million Iraqis died in war, occupation

16.10.2013 06:15

Almost half a million deaths in Iraq between 2003 and 2011 were caused by war and occupation, according to new research. The figure is around four times bigger than most previous estimates.

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Hasan Reza Mohsin 18.10.2013 12:59

Americans are a bunch of warmonger, and evil in this world.


Pablo Schütz 18.10.2013 06:22

I think a great deal more than half a million Iraqis died in the past ten years due to the invascion of 2003.


George Rizk 17.10.2013 14:46

The political elite told us that 15 Saudis and four Egyptians attacked us on 9/11. Then somehow, like magicians with a slide of hand, switched our anger for revenge from Saudi Arabia to Iraq? How is that logical? How is that not questioned by 350 million robots who live in America? The retards will tell you that we could not bomb or invade Saudi Arabia because we need their oil? Or because they have the holy Muslim sites? The reality is because they financed George W Bush presidential campaign.

S o if a kid beat your sister, you go to beat him up, only to find that he is too strong? So you beat a 1st grader!


Sean Moran #WR 17.10.2013 14:42

USA and Britain have one foreign policy - obey Israel at all times.


Rassel Ahmed 17.10.2013 14:27

Guys do know is behind all of these atrocities is the so called Israeli Zionist they control the supper power USA and the USA has to do what ever the Zionist regime has tell them because back in the days saddam hussein has threatened the Israelis as they were killing the innocent Palestinians and mr hussein stood by them the Israelis intention is obvious they want to rule the world next because USA is no longer a supper power but to the Israelis who ever comes on their way they will destroy them and that is the truth


DragnarDaBreaker 17.10.2013 08:22

not duped 16.10.2013 14:57

Ho lodomor - 66 million Christians slaughtered prior to holocaust by Bolsheviks


Why not 66 billions? If you use imagination instead of historical documents, try bigger numbers.


sandra 17.10.2013 06:14

Is there anything that can be done legally to the people that did these murderous invasions? This is not a war between countries. These are attacks to kill everyone until they are no longer a threat and their resources are able to be pillaged. This is not right. Thank goodness for the Russian government for stopping more bombings and killings in Syria. Many countries and people all over the world respect and admire what your country did.
The good that will come out of your efforts will be well worth it to your country. You gained the trust for future business that will build your economy. Obummer would have bombed.


K K Singh 17.10.2013 04:38

US is the worst murderer of democracy and humanity! Its only aim is to extract profit even on the cost of human blood and flesh!!


jeff strehlow 17.10.2013 03:03

Greg Weber 17.10.2013 02:04

How are we Imperialists? If we were, we would be Invading other Countries for no reason, We Invaded the Regimes to bring the evil of them out of this Universe. Learn your facts kid.


Imperialists are always righteous and claim to have good reasons for invading other nations. The US is no exception. Iraq hadn't done anything against the US and wasn't a threat. The invasion of Iraq was illegal, especially since the US government lied in order to justify it. But overt military force is only one of the many methods the US government uses to control other nations.


karenj 17.10.2013 02:49

thats a conservative number


Greg Weber 17.10.2013 02:04

How are we Imperialists? If we were, we would be Invading other Countries for no reason, We Invaded the Regimes to bring the evil of them out of this Universe. Learn your facts kid.


SSD7 17.10.2013 02:02

USA Imperialism/expansio nism did not began with GWBush. It began with the genocide of the American Indians & the Mexican-American War of 1846. Since its inception 234 yrs. ago, the USA has invaded at least 75 nations for Regime Change / looting of land & resources. The USA became rich on the backs of underdeveloped nations. What’s different today is that the USA can no longer hide its crimes behind its dishonest media. Due to fast-moving news on the internet, it is now exposed.


Greg Weber 17.10.2013 02:01

Commander, you my friend, are stupid. Your old arsse can shut up and quick talking bad about my Country, you keep on saying America is "evil" And stuff like that, when we were the ones who saved the Iraqi's, from Huessien... Now, Before you go start talking bad about other Countries, learn the dang facts... You Canadians, I swear some of you are just plain stupid. Bye.


Commander 17.10.2013 01:11

An American styled deal: blood for oil.


William W Haywood 17.10.2013 00:18

The Iraq war should have never been started. George W Bush, and his cronies, should be in the highest courts of the world for mass genocide. Has America become the 'Axis of Evil' that George W. Bush created, or has this started long ago with presidents like Reagan? I know that in my 65 years we have always been at war, not officially of course, with someone.


jeff strehlow 16.10.2013 23:58

All these deaths because of a war that was started under false pretenses. Where is the accountability?


Frank Inbun 16.10.2013 21:41

Americans are the new nazis of the planet. A bunch of sick psychos. As ye sow so shall ye reap. It's a hard rain gonna fall!

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