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Shoes and cheers: Rouhani gets mixed reception after phone call with Obama

28.09.2013 11:46

Iranian hard-liners hurled shoes and eggs at President Hassan Rouhani’s car after his arrival in Tehran, following his historic phone conversation with Barack Obama – as the country appeared split over Tehran’s potential rapprochement with the West.

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Stian Blakstad 29.09.2013 08:23

Harry Hayward 29.09.2013 07:37

I enjoy the irony of your username and what you say!


Because he is saying you should not trust the US or the Western world? He is right.. We have a terrible reputation for bombing the poor to get more out of them. Or installing puppets to benefit us rather then the people down there.


lucio blanco 29.09.2013 08:01

the only thing mathers is the oil trade in petrodollas and the oil mideast pipeline. and finally get control over all mideast oil. to keep the USA economy a float.


Harry Hayward 29.09.2013 07:37

PeaceKeeper 28.09.2013 22:55

US Regime cannot be trusted. It is just trying to create division among Iranians. Divide and Destroy. Gaddafi who was offered freindly hand by west in return for disarming paid heavy price. Never Trust any west Regime. Once Englishmen went to India in 16th Century to do trade in Indian spices but took over whole country and treated them as Englishmens's slaves for centuries.


I enjoy the irony of your username and what you say!


TILII 28.09.2013 21:09

For those opposing Mr. Rohani's rapprochement to west in general and US in particular, they need to look at the big picture:
All those opposing nations are managed and controlled by Zionists and "pro-Zionist groups who would do anything including but not limited to starvation of masses, using of WMD ( remember Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Kurdish region of Iraq as well as Iran, etc..) to get their illegitimate way.
Obama, Oland, Cameron etc. are all figure heads approved by the Israeli's and have to submit to the Zionist wishes, but as long as Iran stands for its rights i.e. enriching up to 20% we have to deal w/ enemies.


Brian Wills 28.09.2013 18:45

The world should support Rouhani in every way, I believe that global disarmament is possible, this chance is now!


Christopher John Walters 28.09.2013 17:00

The so called Shoe throwing hard liners are most likely Zionist Green revolutionaries.

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