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Anti-govt protesters declare Odessa 'People's Republic' in southern Ukraine

Russia to spend billions on asteroid defense

18.02.2013 22:22

Moscow believes an operable national defense against threats from outer space can be built within 10 years’ time. The 500-kiloton explosion of a space bolide above the Urals region has sped-up allocation of some $2 billion to prevent future threats.

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WorkTogether 05.08.2013 20:07

Sometimes it seems Russia is in graver danger from enemies on Planet Earth, than from Space! Russia handled the Snowden affair in accord with international law, but the US PTB will perhaps not forget this very quickly? Asteroid defense is good, but what if Planet Nibiru's passage is for real as many scientists claim it is? While the bulk of the world's population remains mostly ignorant about any NEO's, one percent of our population has claimed it as their right to steer the destiny of mankind as it pleases. This state of affairs is perhaps the most arrogant, most corrupt & worst evil ever to beset our World.

Anonymous user 27.04.2013 20:45

Can u say Death Star

Anonymous user 23.04.2013 14:47

UN??? No thanks! But yest, make it a worldwide project with the best available people

Anonymous user 23.03.2013 10:19

Carbonado, or black diamond, should give info about life on earths origins. Non organic carbon.

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