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Bid for naval dominance: Russia significantly boosts nuclear fleet

30.07.2012 22:42

Russia’s navy will be reinforced with 51 modern warships and 24 submarines, including eight fitted to carry nuclear missiles, by 2020. Over $140 billion will be spent on realizing the “potential of the sea-based nuclear force,” Vladimir Putin said.

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Dominique Morales 02.07.2013 21:14

Russians will still have thousands of nuclear missiles in 2020 like the yankees, the israelis and the british alike??? And why not Iran? In wich sacred book it is written those arrogant countries may construct and keep nuclear bombs and in the other hand giving morality lessons and interfering in other countries right too to have nuclear bombs as deterrence to protect themselves?

Anonymous user 17.05.2013 12:20

Long live Mr Putin,.......Long live Assad under which all christians moslems and jews lived together

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