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Russia suggests Syria ‘chemical attack’ was ‘planned provocation’ by rebels

21.08.2013 15:41

Reports by “biased regional media” about alleged chemical weapons use near Damascus might be “a provocation planned in advance,” says Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Aleksandr Lukashevich.

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nubwaxer 21.06.2014 23:57

both sides in syria are liars but with russia involves it tips the scale toward believing assad's guilty, or actually rogue elements of his military.


Rafasa Arandas 28.08.2013 01:56

A planned provocation? Possibly. But more likely by Russia and their Shi'a puppet.


Kharkhalash Musseveni 26.08.2013 18:40

Also worth noting, has no one noticed the sheer number of children in these pictures? Did the bomb hit an orphanage? Does this not look suspicious to anyone, as though it is intended to stir up a deliberate emotional outrage?

Th e whole affair reeks of a set up.


Kharkhalash Musseveni 26.08.2013 18:37

Thi nk for a moment who is fighting on the rebel side, organizations like Al-Nusra and various Mujahideens who are in the business of killing civilians. Think for a moment that de-secularization is at the heart of this conflict. Think for a moment that western media has refused to run Turkish (a decidedly NATO-aligned country) reports of apprehending Al-Nusra operatives carrying sarin gas.

Think for a moment that chemical attacks were carried out after the Assad Government agreed to let the UN in.

Conside r that the western powers have already decided that Assad launched chem attacks. Think for yourself


edmond dante 26.08.2013 14:50

The world must listen to Obama and Cameron very carefully, when they say what it takes to cross the red line they are not alking to us they are addressing the terrorist cells they fund they are talking in plain sight of us all to their murdering terrorists scum, they are saying if you create a chemical atack we will be able to join in your colonial crusade our brothers, and then when things look bad for the terrorists a chemical attack on civillians NOT rebels is staged WAKE UP the evil people in power in USA UK are behind this attack they fund them and even communicate ti them on your TV but you cant see it....


abuzarhamza 25.08.2013 08:45

@russian and Chinese supporter : both of the country have got strict regulation on freedom of speech as compared to USA ... And Syrian Gov (Assad and his father) from a long time has been from long time back known for the notoriously killing their own people ... What is sad to know that these above country are just capitalizing (including USA, UN) the killing of the innocent people for their own interest .. same is applicable to this website (biased news severing russian agenda) ...


Sula Monde 24.08.2013 20:27

Such a huge concentration of children looks deliberate.
The Syrian government would have been stupid to do this with UN investigators coming. A thousand children are missing from Libya, some orphans kidnapped by mercenaries or rebels,thru France and Turkey. The American armed Libyan "rebels may have put some of the missing children to cruel uses.


John Bovay 24.08.2013 15:04


To be taken seriously;

1) Post under your real name
2) Spelling
3) Grammar
4) Google:

Del eted Daily Mail Online Article: “US Backed Plan for Chemical Weapon Attack in Syria to Be Blamed on Assad”


punkass33 24.08.2013 03:50

Im sure the USA and the rest of the free world would like to do something about this but the Russians and the Chinese are blocking any efforts to bring the hand of justice to these monsters. And because of this the blood of these children are in the Russians and Chinese hands. It will be thier responsibility if they let this go on. Anyone country who would make up stories than do a real investigation is no one that I would like to deal with. There is no way that I would knowingly buy something made there or travel to those countries. Its quite Clear that they have no moral compass


kepha Hawkins 24.08.2013 02:00

Invading Syria will not bring peace! Is there any peace in Iraq, or Afghanistan? Without moral education, there is no hope of peace. There is an answer!


Noel Rogers 23.08.2013 16:46

you cant trust russia to do or say the right thing.they will protect the syrian regime no matter what happens.they will veto un action as will china,thost two countries have lost all credability.and so the killing of women and children will continue unless some country with a bit of passion will go in and stop it.the usa,france and the british seem to be dithering around while the innocent die.shame on you all.


K C SARKAR 23.08.2013 14:55

Using lethal weapons against civilians is a crime against humanity. So deserves stringent action.But has ever the violators who are mighty been taken to task? In Iraq USA&its willing partners flouting UN Charter invaded devastated occupied and ultimately turned the land of Mesopotamia into a failed country- the daily scene of killing of innocents turning it into never ending battle of killings and counter killings of communities who have hitherto been residing side by side from time immemorial. Such is the scenario in Libya. So proponents of fake democracy&human right are destroying human race making them fanatics.


K C SARKAR 23.08.2013 14:40

Nothing unusual for US&its willing allies who are up for anything to undermine investigation to unearth facts behind alleged chemical attacks by armed rebels in Syria-consistently accusing Govt for wrongdoing. Why a winning side will use lethal weapons against civilians? It's apparent that Al-Qaeda affiliate sustaining heavy losses in spite of close CIA mentoring. So the orchestrated fuming by USA UK&others and the sharp outburst by Ban ki Moon appear to be in the same wave length. It's not intended to reveal truth but to obfuscate it. Guilty must be punished whichever might be the party the armed rebels or the Govt


John pon 23.08.2013 12:45

If Assad did use these weapons and it is proven to be the case by Russia then what?


Sharon Storm 23.08.2013 12:12

of course it was pre-planned and staged by the "friends of syria" supported non-syrian mercenary army (FSA). the US and european brownnoses need the excuse to invade yet another country since their al-CIAda terrorists are losing.


koz-koz 23.08.2013 11:18

George Lemonides 22.08.2013 12:32
Assad is a Mad man like Hitler was- His psycopathic mentality will not allow him to give up what he thinks is his.

and there we have it, try to make Assad look bad by any means inlcuding likening him to Hitler. But George tell me, have you every been to Syria and seen first hand what is going on??? or are you simply regurgitating the lies you have been told. this whole thing has nothing to do with democrcy or freedom, its about resources and regional control. and who would benefit from Assad being outsed? hmmmmm i wonder....


koz-koz 23.08.2013 11:12

Dobryj 22.08.2013 04:08
You need to watch Assad's uncut interview, it should be available on youtube. You can't make judgement until you hear Bashar Assad.

but most people in the west are so blind, brainwashed and patriotic that they believe everything they are told in the media. They made Gadaffi out to be evil also and gave him the name 'mad dog gadaffi' as a ploy to give him a bad guy image to win public oppionion. but i wonder, how many people have read Gadaffis book where he demonstrates his intelligence and shows the good he wanted for Lybia and Africa.


koz-koz 23.08.2013 11:08

George Lemonides 22.08.2013 01:32
The Western civilization picks their own leaders. Leaders don't appoint themselves such as in Russia, China, the Middle East and Asia. People who are jealous about freedom will knock it down because they cant have it.

George if you really believe that picking Obama over McCain has any real significane you are a fool. they are both financed by the same people and ultimatly serve those people. all the 'differences' between the two are an illusion of freedom of choice

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