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'Victory': Russia-US chem arms deal 'prevented war against Syria' – Damascus

15.09.2013 12:23

The US-Russian deal on dismantling Syria’s chemical weapons has saved the region from a full-scale war, a minister in President Assad’s government said Sunday. Meanwhile, rebel forces have called for a no-fly ban to be imposed on Syria’s Air Force.

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Joseph Blosch 17.09.2013 17:58

Obama is stopped for now - that's the important thing. He wants to use Syria as a distraction from his own activities back in the US.


Daniel Equality 16.09.2013 06:31

I truly hope war has been averted. I am American and do not trust my leaders. This is just a small victory in an ongoing struggle to stop the US in its constant attacks and insatiable appetite for wealth and resources. In order to truly maintain peace and justice, it is essential that we revolutionize our thoughts and forcibly remove those who attempt to enslave us and dominate the globe. The safety of our families and other precious human lives on this planet would have been jeopardized by our inaction. If ever there is a time for revolution, the time is now.


Rod Lloyd 16.09.2013 01:47

It has NOT prevented a war it has only delayed it, Amerika is still threatening no matter what, the slightest little thing now and they will attack, just as Israel has ordered!!
It seems the leadership of Israle is exactly the same as the leadership of Amerika, nothing but warmongers, they need removing and removing permanently.
The n perhaps we can all live a peaceful life with each other.


Vlada 15.09.2013 23:19

A no fly zone over Syria? Sure, why not!

How about tomorrow morning? Would it be OK for the FSA guys? I mean, the Libya type no-fly zone, huh.

No really, these western backed foreign mercenaries in Syria are lunatics 100%. But, in the final stage Mr Assad forces will exterminate all of them. Russia has now stepped in.


1222203 15.09.2013 22:45

Now rebels are essentially saying Syria should not defend itself?

Put McCain in a pedal car with a 50 cal on his back and send him in to straighten things out.


sandra 15.09.2013 21:24

Mr. Putin has the best negotiation skills and the world thanks you. Please keep up the great work and further your humanitarian efforts.


Murray 15.09.2013 20:45

What prevented the Obama regime attacking Syria was Russia, regardless of a "deal" or not. Study recent Middle East history, there has been more than one occasion where Russia has stood up to the USA and said we will NOT allow another regime change in the Middle East...and the U.S. forces have fled. Everybody knows the false flag case against Syria was fraudulent, it's how America (aka 'Regime Changers Are Us') rolls.


KolinskyMost 15.09.2013 20:13

<<slava 15.09.2013 20:01
Praise god! The people in Syria will soon see peace. we Russians are on the right sid of history for finding a peace idea!>> Give credit where it's due. Without Kerry's change of heart, Lavrov would still be on the wrong side of history, supporting a ruthless Syrian dictator. Now let's hope a change of heart will come to all those engaged in this brutal conflict, may they lay down their arms, forget revenge and find a realistic peace. Possibly Assad should be offered asylum by Russia? Rather than go to the ICC in the Hague?


slava 15.09.2013 20:01

Praise god! The people in Syria will soon see peace. we Russians are on the right sid of history for finding a peace idea!


Commander 15.09.2013 19:31

vann.tedd 15.09.2013 17:49

In Chechen war , just like in Syria.. Islamic extremist were armed by NATO and allies ,in order to break Russia in smaller parts and the fight lasted for a decade. In the End Russia won but it was a very bloody war.


This is probably in the Washington-NATO play book for the future.


Svarun SeventySeven 15.09.2013 19:27

Russia needs to keep those ships close to Syria so that they can monitor Israel&USA.....w e all know they will try to 'fabricate' another 'big event'.......this war of aggression is far from over, but as long as Russians are there..we will know what's actually going on.Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for the Zionist warmongers.


d0nj3nko 15.09.2013 19:12

Diane Feinstein and the corrupt criminals are now attempting to regulate who is in their opinion allowed to report the news. They are trying to say who is or is not a journalist in new legislation they are trying to pass... This is such a slippery slope for if it was not for alternative media, we would be at war with Syria. The woman is inherently evil and this legislation must be stopped! Please spread the word and stop this madness! God bless us all...


groingo 15.09.2013 18:54

Keep it straight, this was a RUSSIAN deal, where Russia had to drag the US kicking, screaming and threatening with its corrupt little Warmonger friends to the table....US should not be given credit where NOT due.


RichardD 15.09.2013 18:34

An indication of just how corrupt and gerrymandered the UN is. Is the UN human rights commission on Syria, which is almost completely composed of NATO/GCC neofascist operatives. Who regularly churn out biased reports against Syria, while completely ignoring the massive human and civil rights violations committed by the NATO/GCC axis of terror. Who are guilty as sin of the ICC crime of aggression against Syria. Who started the war with agent provocaters, and have fueled it with copius amounts of money, mercenaries, government operatives, illegal weapons including chemical weapons, and inflamatory political support.


RichardD 15.09.2013 18:24

The UN has been used as a corrupt, gerrymandered regime change stalking horse by NATO since it's inception. The decades long trail of death, injury and destruction is comparable to that of a world war. That's starting to change with more & more governments tired of the endless uneccessary war, and double standard where international law protects the hegemons, but not the victims they target, who know that the NATO/GCC axis of terror will be targeting them in it's drive for global hegemony. And who aren't interested in being told what to do by greedy hegemons who want to exploit them, and add them to their collective.


Tony Clifton 15.09.2013 18:19

Shilka.maskiro vka 15.09.2013 16:37

Give these groups a similar chance as PLO had in Lebanon to disarm and leave the country, but only If they immediately put down their arms and accept current world order, their crimes against humanity . The. Al-Qaida and these sub groups should be banished from the face of this earth not aided into power, shame on you EU/NATO US, you are a disgrace for humanity.


Comparing PLO to US-sponsored mercenaries in Libya, Tunisia, Mali, Sudan, Congo is an unfair one. PLO patriots were forced into exile in Lebanon after the UN creation of Israel.


RichardD 15.09.2013 18:12

A UN resolution calling for a political settlement is certainly worthwhile at face value. But the parties who are supposed to implement it are composed of law abiding governments like Syria, Russia, China, Iran and others, who can be trusted to uphold the terms and conditions of the agreement and to make a good faith effort to implement it. And the NATO/GCC neofascists who are totally untrustworthy criminal regimes run by liars and conmen, who can be expected to do everything that they can to subvert and violate it. So any fair objective resolution will be difficult to implement with governments who won't honor it.

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