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Ukraine’s new authorities resort to ‘dictatorial’ methods in regions – Russia

24.02.2014 14:42

Russia has lashed out at the new regime in Kiev, accusing it of using “dictatorial” and “terrorist” methods to suppress dissent in the country, with backing from the West which is “acting out of geopolitical self-interest.”

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Brad 28.02.2014 23:10

I wonder when NATO tanks are going to storm in to confront an imaginary Russian boogymen force when it will actually be another Korsovo style invasion. I hope south and east can defend themselves from the NATO war machine of equally vile war-criminal states.


Free_DrVojislavSeselj 28.02.2014 19:09

It appears that many in UKR are influenced by the West's supremacist rhetoric. Perhaps they should pause for a moment to deliberate whether hot air can actually heat their homes and power their factories as well as imported fuel from Russia.


Anette Mor 28.02.2014 07:34

R 25.02.2014 15:18

DO you get it?!?! The EU is bad for 50% of the Ukraine, and Russia is bad for 50% of the Ukraine. The President signed a 100% Russian deal without consulting parliament or having a parliament vote on it. People protested.


yes. We get it. This always was the case. So the country should be neutral. Yanukovich sign nothing, only agreed cheap gas and 15 billions cheap money to fix the budget to be able to pay pensions and salaries. He asked eu the same thing first. Eu did not care you starve. Russia did. You had choices for your 50%. Live with it.


Anette Mor 28.02.2014 07:26

Max Spine 26.02.2014 22:37

Lvov talked Russian only today to show that we are NOT against Russians.


yes. We saw this propaganda in facebook. The problem is - you did not do that after the language law was changed by your parlament "improved" by radicals with guns at the door. You do this after crimea expressed they had enough of this absurd discrimination. Economy is in ruins, political disarray, law and order does not function. But all you care is how to suppress russians. Destroy thier olimpics, scream you need no money or trade with them.


Max Spine 26.02.2014 22:37

GOTitOnLOCK 25.02.2014 08:07

Why must it always be Russians that suffer. Why should Russian women and men be afraid to speak their language or they will be harmed by fascist thugs.Why do people talk of Russians going to be forced from their homes in Ukraine.


Th is is all a provocation. Lvov, a metropolis in the western Ukraine talked Russian only today to show that we are NOT against Russians, we are against self-serving politicians.


Ikim Suam 26.02.2014 16:35

Ukrainians be smart. If you cross the line today and sink in to violence you will ruin the future of the generations in future.


UkrToday 26.02.2014 12:35

The May 25 Election should be canceled and the head of state should be elected by a 2/3rds majoroty of the Parliament as has happned with the election of the acting President

C onsitutional and Parliamentary refrom should be undertaken as a mater of priority follwed by fresh Parliamentary elections . Elections that must involve the Eastern and Southerm part of Ukraine.

To not do so will only bring the new elections and government into disrupte and prolong the divisons and instability that has plauged Ukraine since independence


UkrToday 26.02.2014 12:33

I agree. The new regime is already showing signs of repating ths mistakes of teh Yushchenko government. The repeal of the Community Lanugae rule and otehr acts us lustration are a backward step that only serve to divide Ukraine.

Uk raine has already lost Crimea and I doubt that it will see it return to Ukraine.


Blackberry 26.02.2014 07:43

R 26.02.2014 05:37

We are preparing for a new period of isolationism. We are going to let China be the dominant power.


Th at will never happen. The US wants to remain the world's number 1 superpower but China in some ways are ahead especially with their new electromagnetic pulse bomb.


R 26.02.2014 05:37

Blackberry 25.02.2014 23:52

Un til another Republican becomes president. Then it starts all over again pal.


Not really. The GOP base has shifted to non interventionism. Policing the world is now seen as a "entitlement&qu ot; program.

Its like I told you a few weeks back; We are preparing for a new period of isolationism. We are going to let China be the dominant power.

Whether China is benevolent or evil wont be our concern. Our concern will be fixing our very broken country.

As for child policy, convict organ harvesting, great firewall...should be interesting times.


Blackberry 25.02.2014 23:56

Jehenem 25.02.2014 19:04

Don't kid yourself, China is gearing for war.


China is preparing to take on the US and so they should.

The Americans have had a pretty good run now it's China's turn.

Of course the US will throw more money into their military spending and increase their 17 trillion dollar national debt.

And guess what? That's exactly what China wants.


Blackberry 25.02.2014 23:52

R 25.02.2014 15:22

We are getting ready to scale our army back to pre WW2 levels. Thats a good start.


Un til another Republican becomes president. Then it starts all over again pal.

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