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UN to investigate alleged chemical attack in Syria - Ban Ki-moon

21.03.2013 11:09

UN chief Ban Ki-moon said the probe into the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria’s Aleppo will start as soon as possible. Official Damascus and the rebels are trading the blame for allegedly using a missile with chemical damage agent on Tuesday.

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Anonymous user 27.04.2013 17:22

Why dont the Americans take THEIR Mustard gas out of Bari Harbour where they left it on 2nd Dec.1943

Anonymous user 24.03.2013 05:49

I think our politicians are just bloody criminals.

Anonymous user 22.03.2013 08:40

Sharon Spurgeon: <10 million murdered>

Soviets rejected WW I+II -- BIGGEST human sacrifice ever.

Anonymous user 22.03.2013 08:34

Nicholette Tortoriello: <alleged>

FSA did it, so Zs want to bury the crime under artificial doubt.

Anonymous user 22.03.2013 08:30

See who sponsors terrorists?

Much of 65 years of ^Arab Terror^ is actually Israel with Arab face.


Nicholette Tortoriello 22.03.2013 06:53

"Alleged chemical weapons"? Does the UN think these people fell and died for absolutely no reason? And the others that are sick? That f-n Obama said he wasn't sure this was a chemical weapons attack! Shows you what a dumb monkey he is!


Sharon Spurgeon 22.03.2013 02:35

Not sure of Russia. I remind myself that it is the home of Esau's Ashkenaz decendents. Through Bolshevik (Red Revolution), Lenin, and Stalin eras approx. 10 million Christian Israelites were murdered to include their king and his family. I want to give Russia the benefit of doubt; but am a bit hesitant.

Anonymous user 22.03.2013 02:18

A New VietNam/Afghanistan in the Making... Any Takers?

Som e Govt with a Healthy Economy to Waste?

Anonymous user 22.03.2013 02:15

Why Britain and France would refuse to Discover Fresh Evidene on the Ground implies Prior Knowledge

Anonymous user 22.03.2013 02:13

Word Filter is OFF

22.03.2 013 00:54

22.03 .2013 00:49

Anonymous user 22.03.2013 01:53

Already 300+ documented cluster bombs and scud missiles at cities by ba'ath. Why not chemicals too?


Naseem 22.03.2013 00:04

UNO is sponsor of this so-called war against humanity...Make another excuse to kill millions like Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan..

Anonymous user 21.03.2013 23:38

ba'ath organized crime syndicate maxim: "Assad or Syria burns" (it's burning)

Anonymous user 21.03.2013 23:34

Anglo-Irish maxims:

'De sperate times require desperate measures'

a nd

"Pl ausible Deniability'

Anonymous user 21.03.2013 23:33

I hate to see chemical weapons used, but I really hope the rebels are blamed.

Anonymous user 21.03.2013 23:22

students have cell phones & many recorded it. Aleppo univ proven beyond doubt is a regime bombing

Anonymous user 21.03.2013 23:19

another vid shows two strikes. another vid shows vapor trails. another vid has audio = missile

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